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I got my & other stories goods last week, thanks to my friend’s friend who was visiting NYC and was nice enough to spare some luggage space. I was packing for a weekend trip and leaving a few hours later, so I didn’t have much time to analyze so I threw the Clare Vivier crossbody shoulder bag in black in my luggage.

  • The good news? I adore it. It’s the perfect size, the leather isn’t that delicate, and my favorite part is the magnetic flap closure. It’s so convenient to open and close (esp when I’m getting a manicure). I’m super happy with my purchase.
  • The bad news? The beautiful nude leather ballerina flats with drawstring detail were too big! Did I mention that the shoe designer is formerly of Acne? I thought my EU size would be the same as Zara/Repetto. My size is now sold out online but I have asked my friends in the UK to look out for me.

Not pictured is the ladder stitch scarf that I got in black/nude. As I mentioned before, I rarely go synthetic on scarves, but the stock photo (of the other color, draped) was so alluring. This was quite nice. I especially liked the size and weight. It’ll be an easy piece to pair with all the other black clothing in my wardrobe.

More has sold out on the website at the moment, however, they are slowly opening up stores – Copenhagen is open, and I believe Paris is soon.

If you’d like to read more about the store, check out susie bubble’s coverage.

P.S. My iPhone photo was edited with snapseed and Afterlight. Not too shabby. I didn’t like their border options though, so added that with tadaa.

P.S.S. I’m loving the lighting from my new photographer style decorative lamp, the Pangea Home Mary Floor Lamp, vs. the harsh ceiling fan light. I feel like I need a bulb with a warmer temperature, but it comes out great on the camera! Assembly was a pain though.

to shop / clare vivier x & other stories

Through Clare Vivier’s instagram, I found out that she just launched a special collection with a new luxury H&M brand called & Other Stories. I love COS, H&M’s most established luxury brand, so gravitating towards their newest concept was a no brainer. Adding CV to the mix is like the rainbow sprinkles on top of lots of icing. Sadly, the collection is available only in Northern and Western Europe. Fortunately, they are selling online in those countries. I immediately contacted one of my besties in London about the new store and his first response was “What do you want me to buy?”. I love when people get me :)

Image source (1) (2)

I ordered the above crossbody shoulder bag in black and yellow. I love the silhouette and the pictures of the textured leather looks like it would be very durable (like saffiano, hopefully?). I also ordered these nude leather ballerina flats with drawstring detail (and toe cleavage) and this black/nude shawl. I was tempted to order makeup but … I have enough red lipsticks for now and haven’t fully explored my goodies from HEMA from my Amsterdam trip. Their website is a little hard to navigate since there is no search function, but such is the price to pay for eye candy. The canary yellow bag is already sold out, so don’t wait too long!

H&M is supposed to open a COS-like store in New York and roll out online shopping in the near future.

to shop / get clare vivier sac bretelle, messenger, or clutch for less through R29 reserve

Refinery29’s deal site, R29 Reserve, has a deal at Eaton Trading Co.: Spend $100 for $200 worth or credit, or $150 for $300. If you plan it well, it is effectively 50% off. Best yet, they have Clare Vivier, APC, WANT les Essentiels de la Vie to name a few brands (in both men and women’s). The deal dies on Monday, May 14, and the CV stock has already been dwindling. Now, I don’t need any more CV, but if you do, be sure to check out this promotion and read the fine print!

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