to drink / {my east village} angel’s share

Angel’s Share (8 Stuyvesant St, NYC; East Village)

This wonderful speakeasy is hidden inside the second floor izakaya, Village Yokocho. If you have trouble looking for that place, remember to look up. Out of all the speakeasies in the area, this is like the stable friend — always there, well put together, and solid. Don’t piss ’em off though — they will nicely put you in your place. I highly recommend their seasonal menu.

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weekends / {my east village} brunch at goat town

Two friends were in town. We gathered for Sunday brunch at Goat Town down the street. The subway tile seating was a bit weird… and heat inducing. We shared the buckwheat ricotta pancake which was moist and fluffy, and the pork belly ranchero, which was a true star. I love a bit of sweet and savory at brunch!

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to eat / {my east village} melt bakery ice cream sandwiches

I sure love a good ice cream sandwich, but the good ones are hard to find and I am not diligent enough to try everything that nymag recommends. As I mentioned in the Big Gay Ice Cream entry, they carry Melt Bakery sandwiches (which I now see is included in nymag’s latest batch of rec’s). Even though Melt isn’t super far from me, BGIC is only a block away. How convenient! Over time, I’ve tried three flavors:

  • Lovelet – red velvet whoopie pie + cream cheese. Verdict: Not a fan. Too cream cheesy.
  • Minimalist – chocolate chip + vanilla. Verdict: My fave!
  • Thick Mint – crackly chocolate (which is basically chocolate + sugar crystals) + mint. Verdict: It’s ok… I still love the minimalist.

What do I consider to be a good ice cream sandwich? The perfect marriage of a cookie exterior and an ice cream exterior, where either distracts from the other. At the Meatball Shop, I eventually stopped ordering the cookie and just got the ice cream because the cookie wasn’t the right consistency. I’m not sure what Melt Bakery’s secret is, but I’m sure a part of it is having everything weld together for enough time.

I eventually need to make my way over to Melt Bakery. Their flavors are… irresistible.

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to eat / {my east village} van leeuwen & big gay ice cream

I love ice cream. When I heard E 7th St was getting not one, but TWO, ice cream shops, I thought to myself once again, I love my neighborhood.

Van Leeuwen is a little further away and outside of from my area of frequent movement. After my experience, it’ll be a while before I return. VL ice cream is still good on its own and you can also buy it at Whole Foods. My advice is to stay away from the hot fudge. There was a weird waxy, unmelted texture going on and I got sick from it.

Big Gay Ice Cream started out as a truck. I’d only been to the truck once and the lines were horrendous. I was ecstatic when they decided to open a storefront really close to me. They had a Groupon that forced me to eat there more often then I preferred, so I visited it frequently. The lines were long when the shop just opened, but they have died down. Also, their staff is super friendly. I witnessed a proposal here. The last time I popped in, I got a salty pimp for free. I have no idea why none of the other patrons wanted a freebie. Not pictured are the ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery, which will be another post. I’m no ice cream sandwich connoisseur, but these were the best I’ve ever tasted!

  • My top recs are the sundaes and the ice cream sandwiches. I like the spicy hot fudge.
  • I advise studying the menu before visiting as the store layout is not slow decisionmaking-friendly.
  • Subscribe to their Facebook/Twitter for specials and updates.

Some pictures with commentary. Please note that the following items were consumed across a span of four months.

The menu that changes – and has changed a bit since it opened.

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