to pamper / the bold lip

I’ve never been a lipstick wearer but decided to attempt to recently. I started with the NARS Dragon Girl red lip crayon and the Smashbox Starlit lip gloss, but I haven’t used them extensively yet.

I picked up a few red lipsticks from CVS on Black Friday. Drugstore lip products are cheap compared to department store / boutique brands, but they still add up, so a blanket discount is always appreciated. I picked these colors based on online research. CVS sent a bunch of other samples as well, to the point that the samples were more than what I actually bought. I love Aveeno. The samples were very generously sized.

I’d love to check out Tom Ford or Chanel, but I’m in no rush…

The rundown of the lipsticks:

  • CoverGirl Lipstick 305 Hot Passion – This is a bright, fiery red (see swatch on upper right, below and also in the upper left pic below), is very pigmented, and has staying power. It’s unaffected by water, but color comes off if you dab it. It’s also pretty moisturizing. To completely remove, I used Crealine wipes.
  • L’Oreal Colour Riche Colour Caresse Lipstick, Fiery Veil 177 – This is super poppy (see swatch on upper left, below) and is more of a gloss.
  • Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple 035 – The lip butters get so much love online. I actually reached for this one the most because it was also more of a gloss and much less committal than the CoverGirl above. However, I somehow lost it during NYE festivities :( so ended up wearing the CG more.

(clockwise: 3 lipsticks; swatches starting on the left, going clockwise, L’Oreal, CoverGirl, and Revlon; and the CoverGirl on myself)