weekends / chelsea market

After the haircut at Bumble and Bumble, I skipped over to Chelsea Market. I haven’t been to this area in ages and couldn’t leave without checking in at Anthropologie! Each store’s decor and sale inventory is different.

Fact: This was the third Anthropologie I visited in a seven day period. My male coworkers were good sports when they allowed me to powershop before dinner. I was in and out of J.Crew and Anthropologie in less than 5 minutes each!

Another fact: Anthropologie just marked some things down yesterday. If you bought something within the past week or so, get a price adjustment!

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general / just breathe

Life has been tough for a while. But, sometimes you have to remember to take a (ten minute) break to enjoy the scenery and in this case, a “free” latte. I haven’t cut my hair since a disastrously short haircut in July until this weekend. You know when the pendulum swings and you have to get your hair cut now. Thank goodness January is a slow month and appointments are easy to make. I went to see Travis at Bumble & Bumble and enjoyed his Karl Lagerfeld experience. I have no idea whether I like this haircut yet, but don’t have time to dwell on it. I love looking outside of their windows… do you see the private basketball hoop?

And I couldn’t leave the area without checking out the Anthropologie two blocks away…