to eat / whirlybird, four and twenty blackbirds, peels, & laut

Catching up what I ate in April and May. The Flickr upload speed is ridiculously slow so I’ve had to reduce the size of my pictures. Not that I post the full size here anyways! Starting with Brooklyn…

1) Whirlybird (254 S 2nd St, Brooklyn; S Williamsburg)

The #1 with chorizo was delicious! I tried the Waldorf at a later date and take it from me — stick to the #1. The Waldorf was too wet with salsa and the fried egg over easy did not help!

Cash only.

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to eat / pies ‘n’ thighs & co.

It was a rare weekend as I spent not one, but two, days in Williamsburg (eating). My friend, L, decided to celebrate her birthday at Pies ‘n’ Thighs. Moments like these with friends are cherished. The food was excellent and the waitstaff was patient with our large group. I shared the Rob Evans (sausage gravy/biscuit/egg/cheese) and chicken/waffles with a friend. As much as I love sausage gravy and biscuits, I’m focusing on the chicken only next time.

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to eat / peter luger’s steakhouse

My friend’s been bugging me to take him to Peter Luger’s ever since he quit his day job. He’s since resumed work halfway around the world, but the bugging continued, so I promised him steak during his next stateside visit as a thank you for helping me with my fantasy team.

I made reservations less than a week ahead and was slightly worried they would be full, but I easily got a 9:45pm seating on a Sunday night. It was their last seating and the place was still bustling when we arrived.

I’ve heard of negative service, but our service was fine. We got a bottle of red, a slab of bacon (I’m glad we didn’t get more because it is thick and fatty), creamed spinach, and a medium rare porterhouse for two. Proper steak.

My friend unexpectedly ended paying for half! The place is cash only unless you have their credit card. I left super stuffed (shouldn’t have eaten earlier), satisfied, and sleepy.

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