weekends / saturday six (2016.03.12) (a day late!)

I was out of town last weekend and last week was exhausting. My saturday six series is more difficult to maintain than I expected… Better late than never, right?

Six things from the last two weeks

(1) Tata Harper master class at Cap Beauty. The event was PACKED. Once the crowds subsided, I got to ask Tata a bunch of questions and try many products. I will be blogging details in a separate post.

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to eat / what i ate recently around nyc

(1) Bagel from Tompkins Square Bagels (Can’t get a good bagel in NJ!)
(2) Roasted broccoli is a fave (olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, 425F for 25 min)
(3) Bar Primi fiore di carfiosi pasta (pretty but so-so). They take reservations now, but I probably won’t go back!
(4) Fresh California uni at Chelsea Market‘s the Lobster Place.
(5) Chelsea Market Mokbar bulgogi ramen. Share and get a side of extra noodles. The ho cake and tteokboki was less exciting.
(6) Cauliflower steak. Same process as (2). Cut it less than 1 inch thick.
(7) Roasted chicken using Trader Joe’s brined chicken and used some of this recipe. I need a meat thermometer. Love my Falcon enamelware. So easy to clean!
(8) Hu Kitchen “Benny” eggs benedict with chicken sausage, kale, and jordy cakes.
(9) Shake Shack’s new Shackmeister burger with crispy beer marinated shallots. I still prefer the Shack burger… 

(1) The only Beard Papa’s Cream puff left in NYC also sells Mud coffee. The Paris brest cream puff wasn’t as fresh and cream filled as my memory.
(2), (3) Red Farm is Asian fusion and was a surprisingly good brunch – their shrimp & snow pea leaf dumplings and curry crab dumplings were delicious. The skin was thin.
(4) Harbs is a new Japanese cake boutique. Beautiful cafe, much pricier than Lady M (think $10+ on average for a slice). Their cakes are less sleek and more ambitious than Lady M and tends to tumble over. This slice had tons of berries, chocolate chiffon cake, and some rum.
(5) Simit and Smith — Turkish “bagel” is called a simit. Slim and chewy.
(6) This is a relative of the pomelo — it’s so much more fun to eat when it’s all peeled and segmented.
(7) The Harbs’ spin on the millecrepe has tons of fruit. I didn’t care for the banana.
(8) Seasonal red velvet cake from Lady M did not impress.
(9) Shiny Tea in Flushing Panda milk tea = mini white pearls + normal pearls. The mini white pearls fascinate me. They have the same texture!

weekends / chelsea market

After the haircut at Bumble and Bumble, I skipped over to Chelsea Market. I haven’t been to this area in ages and couldn’t leave without checking in at Anthropologie! Each store’s decor and sale inventory is different.

Fact: This was the third Anthropologie I visited in a seven day period. My male coworkers were good sports when they allowed me to powershop before dinner. I was in and out of J.Crew and Anthropologie in less than 5 minutes each!

Another fact: Anthropologie just marked some things down yesterday. If you bought something within the past week or so, get a price adjustment!

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to eat & shop / lulu & missoni

I found myself in Chelsea on Thursday for a work-related errand. I owed some people in the office cupcakes and found Lulu Cake Boutique after a quick Google Maps search. Don’t you love it when technology doesn’t lead you astray?

I haven’t seen a bakery as well-diversified as Lulu in a while. They had tons of cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and gourmet snowballs galore. I saved a peanut butter and jelly filled cupcake to bring home. I love how there are containers for solo cupcake purchases and that the cupcakes are smaller than standard. I also picked up a gourmet Italian rainbow cookie (I still prefer the real thing).

A bunch of my Missoni homewares arrived. Suburban folks, be very glad you don’t have to lug your orders up six flights of stairs. Target does not know how to pack and ship light. After I recovered from lugging all these boxes up the stairs, I was excited to start using this chic Missoni for Target melamine serving tray — the only exception I made for melamine.

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