weekends / good friends & good eats

On the road again

Snagged a few samples of the Clarins Double Serum and piled it on with moisturizer pre-flight. I quite like the serum! Pat, don’t rub.

Weddings are a precious time especially when you’re allowed to stand on the sidelines.

Eden Gardens

Waiting for brunch at Griddle Cafe.

Finally met my girlfriend’s toddler. I love pudgy little hands and babies in checks.

Tons of quality time with one of my longest friendships!

Tres leches cake from Porto’s.

Fried boquerones drizzled with honey and saffron at Bäco Mercat.

Root beer + chocolate soda at Bäco Mercat.

Finally tried Jeni’s brambleberry crisp ice cream!

Monday Sundae at Big Gay Ice Cream

Back home and back to the routine!

to eat / {my east village} peels, laboratorio del gelato, pok pok wing, and more

1) Peels (325 Bowery, NYC; East Village)

Affogato and a Build a Biscuit (fried chicken, fluffy scrambled eggs, and red eye gravy).

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weekends / {my east village} brunch at goat town

Two friends were in town. We gathered for Sunday brunch at Goat Town down the street. The subway tile seating was a bit weird… and heat inducing. We shared the buckwheat ricotta pancake which was moist and fluffy, and the pork belly ranchero, which was a true star. I love a bit of sweet and savory at brunch!

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to eat / {my east village} masak + led zeppole

A few friends and I caught up at Masak, which is described as a Singaporean-influenced restaurant. One of us is Singaporean and we left unimpressed. It was pricey and the food did not wow.

We started with the fried mantou and chili crab dip. As you can see, it was yummy. We wiped it clean. We weren’t sure what qui pie tee… it is fried little cups with filling. Also tasty but I think it was $3/thimble for a small bite. The scallops were yummy. B got the rendang burger. He said he preferred the fries (ouch). They were out of the fish head so two of us got the oxtail noodles. It had tons of tendon, which I liked, but that was about it.

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