to shop / mansur gavriel nyc pop-up review & lady bag in tumbled and saffiano leather

The Mansur Gavriel pop-up shop in the Soho area of NYC has been open from mid-November through January 11. After MG announced the expansion of their Saffiano line on December 13, it gave me incentive to check out the saffiano bags. Unfortunately, MG bags are still final sale when you purchase from, which I strongly dislike because (1) they are expensive (2) many styles/colors are only available directly from MG who normally doesn’t have a storefront and (3) MG can be difficult with any flaws on the bag (this is based on personal experience and what I’ve read on TPF). I consider myself lucky that I live near their pop-up.

The pop-up is very spacious, minimalist, and pink. If you don’t like rose quartz pink which is popular with MG and Glossier, tough luck! I went mid-afternoon and got personal attention from both SA’s — not all stocked items are displayed and they also mentioned that they have the large lady bag in stock. There is also plenty of seating for the men and a fancy flower shop.

As I was trying on the bags, I realized that if I ever were to get another, I would need a regular sized lady bag so I can hold letter sized paper. I also was surprised at how gorgeous the tumbled leather is! The tumbled leather bag was lying around (the sales assistants try their best to put away bags while answering questions) and I think I might like it more than the saffiano, which is unfortunate for my wallet. The tumbled leather style is thicker than expected, perhaps due to the canvas lining, and will not stand on its own unless you stuff it. Out of all of the MG bag styles, the lady bag is my favorite and uniquely MG.

Pricing is higher than the bucket, given the style and construction:

  • Mini Lady: vegetable tanned $750, saffiano $795, tumbled or calf $1050
  • Lady: vegetable tanned $895, saffiano $945, tumbled or calf $1195

Orders with MG sent to NJ, NY, and CA have sales tax.

This “baby bucket” is exclusive to the pop-up and designed for a baby/toddler. It fits your smartphone if it’s not XL.

The mini lady bag in black saffiano and rosa saffiano with matching interiors.

I compared the mini lady with a regular lady in calf leather and quickly noticed the fraying thread. Ick. I have a detailed post on regular lady vs mini lady bag size here.

The saffiano leather is a very structured leather. Maybe it’s a little too structured for the lady bag style.

It’s hard to see, but there were dirt marks on the rosa saffiano. Not impressed even if it’s a floor sample. This cemented my decision to steer away from a rosa saffiano lady. I have a rosa saffiano mini bucket (review) which has some dirt marks that couldn’t be easily removed with a baby wipe. I asked the SA how to clean it and referred me to Leather Spa. That’s a cop out answer to me.

Regular lady bag in peony pink calf leather, mini lady bag in royal blue tumbled leather

Circle of MG lady bags, clockwise from left: black saffiano mini lady, red calf lady, rosa saffiano mini lady, and blu tumbled mini lady.

Love the non-knot of this peony tumbled leather mini lady

Closer look

to shop / cos in midtown nyc

COS and & Other Stories are in their former sister’s H&M space at 42nd St and Fifth Avenue and opened in late October 2015. I was crossing Midtown one evening and conveniently ended up at 43rd and Fifth. How could I resist the new COS? COS occupies most of the ground floor and is laid out like any other COS store. It has women’s and men’s. My guess is that this location is larger than the Soho location (not that I have any inclination to visit).

I quickly skimming the store. I saw iterations of a prior season item, like this a-line wool coat in two new colors (I have it in black, it runs big) and the dotted wool dress (substantial weight). Also saw a men’s mac jacket that was half price online two weeks ago now being sold at full price. No sale in progress here or online. The dressing room corridor looked spacious.

505 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017
NE corner of 42nd St and Fifth Ave
Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00 / Sun 11:00-20:00

weekends / chelsea market

After the haircut at Bumble and Bumble, I skipped over to Chelsea Market. I haven’t been to this area in ages and couldn’t leave without checking in at Anthropologie! Each store’s decor and sale inventory is different.

Fact: This was the third Anthropologie I visited in a seven day period. My male coworkers were good sports when they allowed me to powershop before dinner. I was in and out of J.Crew and Anthropologie in less than 5 minutes each!

Another fact: Anthropologie just marked some things down yesterday. If you bought something within the past week or so, get a price adjustment!

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to shop / surviving nyc sample sale season

The months of October through December in New York City are absolutely crazy with sample sales. The term “sample sale” is used rather loosely as many manufacturers just sell overstock and don’t sell true samples. Temptations are abound. I don’t go to many because I’m lazy, not to mention, time during this time of year is also precious. Here is a quick recap:

1) Yves Saint Laurent – The prices at this one get ridiculous towards the end. The lines are also crazy. You’ll learn quickly that women cut and sometimes you may have to too. A hilarious (Jersey) woman who was in line with me told me how she paid a Missoni x Target hoarder in a Target store $50 for two girls’ ponchos. And then she had to pay again when she checked out. Her daughters didn’t like the ponchos. Tough crowd.

I accidentally grabbed a pair of shoes with two right shoes and got back refunded before the sale closed – they couldn’t find the left, so I think a woman must have gone home with two left shoes. They reluctantly gave me a full refund. I also took advantage of bypassing the line with my mishap and checked out what was available — nothing much at that point, but if you stuck around there were $10 belts.

Flats were marked down to $50. Satin heels were marked down to $50. All other heels were $100. Ready to wear was marked another 75% off (I think). I picked up a silk print skirt for $75 with an price tag of $875. I have no idea what season it’s from. Unfortunately, the skirt is about negative three dozen cupcakes from fitting comfortably.

Was the sale worth it? I ended up selling or eBaying most of my bounty. If I’ve learned anything recently, it is to be timely about getting rid of items I don’t want. I couldn’t find flats in my size.

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