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The Mansur Gavriel pop-up shop in the Soho area of NYC has been open from mid-November through January 11. After MG announced the expansion of their Saffiano line on December 13, it gave me incentive to check out the saffiano bags. Unfortunately, MG bags are still final sale when you purchase from, which I strongly dislike because (1) they are expensive (2) many styles/colors are only available directly from MG who normally doesn’t have a storefront and (3) MG can be difficult with any flaws on the bag (this is based on personal experience and what I’ve read on TPF). I consider myself lucky that I live near their pop-up.

The pop-up is very spacious, minimalist, and pink. If you don’t like rose quartz pink which is popular with MG and Glossier, tough luck! I went mid-afternoon and got personal attention from both SA’s — not all stocked items are displayed and they also mentioned that they have the large lady bag in stock. There is also plenty of seating for the men and a fancy flower shop.

As I was trying on the bags, I realized that if I ever were to get another, I would need a regular sized lady bag so I can hold letter sized paper. I also was surprised at how gorgeous the tumbled leather is! The tumbled leather bag was lying around (the sales assistants try their best to put away bags while answering questions) and I think I might like it more than the saffiano, which is unfortunate for my wallet. The tumbled leather style is thicker than expected, perhaps due to the canvas lining, and will not stand on its own unless you stuff it. Out of all of the MG bag styles, the lady bag is my favorite and uniquely MG.

Pricing is higher than the bucket, given the style and construction:

  • Mini Lady: vegetable tanned $750, saffiano $795, tumbled or calf $1050
  • Lady: vegetable tanned $895, saffiano $945, tumbled or calf $1195

Orders with MG sent to NJ, NY, and CA have sales tax.

This “baby bucket” is exclusive to the pop-up and designed for a baby/toddler. It fits your smartphone if it’s not XL.

The mini lady bag in black saffiano and rosa saffiano with matching interiors.

I compared the mini lady with a regular lady in calf leather and quickly noticed the fraying thread. Ick. I have a detailed post on regular lady vs mini lady bag size here.

The saffiano leather is a very structured leather. Maybe it’s a little too structured for the lady bag style.

It’s hard to see, but there were dirt marks on the rosa saffiano. Not impressed even if it’s a floor sample. This cemented my decision to steer away from a rosa saffiano lady. I have a rosa saffiano mini bucket (review) which has some dirt marks that couldn’t be easily removed with a baby wipe. I asked the SA how to clean it and referred me to Leather Spa. That’s a cop out answer to me.

Regular lady bag in peony pink calf leather, mini lady bag in royal blue tumbled leather

Circle of MG lady bags, clockwise from left: black saffiano mini lady, red calf lady, rosa saffiano mini lady, and blu tumbled mini lady.

Love the non-knot of this peony tumbled leather mini lady

Closer look


I found myself in West Soho one evening, not quite sure where to visit since I rarely go downtown. Then, I remembered the new Repetto store! It’s next door to the Soho Laduree and similar to the Laduree, it’s as if they imported the store from Paris. The store design, layout, selection, and sales lady — all just like the Paris stores! There are so many styles, colors, and lines that are new to the US! There’s also an atelier in the back for custom shoes.

They also carry 4 type of shoe care products at the register (pricey at $20/bottle). After a quick chat with the sales lady, I need to bring in my patent shoes some time to diagnose if the black marks are fixable.

All in all, a must-see for any Repetto fan.

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Need a camera/messenger/laptop bag? Crumpler in Soho is clearing out their inventory and converting into a luggage-only store. Everything is 70% off. The sale started on April 1 (no joke) and goes through the rest of the month. If you’re looking for something particular, try calling. I think they might do mail orders, but I’m not sure. I really wanted a rolling luggage bag, but they didn’t have any.

I have a 5 million dollar home and got a 6 million dollar home so that when I’m traveling, I can fit more than just a body and lenses. I will admit, when I’m just strolling about, I might stick the DSLR and a prime lens in my purse and wrap it in a scarf. As someone who’s dropped every piece of camera gear/lens at some point in time, I can’t recommend highly enough the effectiveness of a real camera bag to protect your investment. I’m also impressed with the “new” models that allow you to cover the velcro (which I happen to love for travel to shady places).

Address: 45 Spring St (NE corner of Mulberry and Spring), NYC
Telephone: (212) 334-9391

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I’m so sad that the holiday break is coming to an end. Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m looking forward to a raclette party tonight.

My new favorite nude opaque nail polish – UK import, Nails Inc. Basil Street, thanks to Ms. Eva.

I met up with C to give her shoes I got at the October YSL sample sale. I found these on a random table and figured one of my Asian girlfriends wore 5.5. Lucky C =P They were marked down to $50! Insanity. These usually run close to $500!

We lunched at Café Gitane. I had a citrus salad with avocado, organic chicken, and hearts of palm as well as freshly squeezed OJ. I loooove freshly squeezed OJ.

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After visiting a Seoul and the Taipei Uniqlo, I’ve realized just how great the Soho Uniqlo is. My friend mentioned that the business model for Asia is probably different than the US flagship store, where they opt to open more small stores to maximize market penetration. True, when I consider the stores I’ve been to in HK, but not the one in Japan – my neighborhood Uniqlo was the one in Ginza. I’m going to highlight my experiences in Seoul and Taipei, and give my two cents on the Designer Invitations Project collabs and the Spring +j line.

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My friend, M, was in town last weekend. I was on my way to meet her at the W. Broadway Anthropologie when I decided to stop at the Baked by Melissa window to pick up mini-cupcakes. I’d passed by this window before but never found a reason to stop. It’s on the NW corner of Broadway and Spring and very easy to miss. The line was 3 people deep and moved quickly. $10 for 12 mini-cupcakes is not exactly cheap.


We tried cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, tie-dye, peanut butter and chocolate, red velvet, and cinnamon. I didn’t get to try red velvet. My favorites were the mint and cinnamon. They were sweeter and richer than the typical New York cupcake so the size was ideal (1-2 bites at most).


Anthropologie was a bust. We stopped by Reiss and ogled at a few things.

Then, we stopped by Comptoir des Cotonniers. Mainly because I’d browsed their Barcelona Born location a week prior and I wanted to compare selection and prices. No significant differences noted. They have some lovely knitwear with leather accents, and in a navy/black combo!

Our last stop before dinner was Uniqlo to pick up alterations. On the way there, we bumped into the Van Leeuwen truck, which has eluded me for ages. We were sugared-out and decided to get the Earl Grey ice cream to refresh our taste buds.


M got her alterations and I finally found the Uniqlo capelet I wanted in my size!

Our last stop before dinner was the inven.tory outlet store. M got a gorgeous wool coat from Rebecca Turbow’s SAFE line. They had a number of Lutz and Patmos items, but I found them to be too overpriced at 50%. Wait for 75% off at Saks.