to travel / saving on pajamas

I’ve been trying to control my frivolous purchases, so as much as I wanted new PJs from J.Crew when they went on super sale… I held back. Then, I remembered the comfy (and striped) pajamas I got from American Airlines this summer that was sitting in my clean laundry pile.

It was my first time flying First Class transatlantic and lucky for me, AA was the first American airline to roll out a First Class product comparable to the international airlines’ products. I usually dress comfortably enough not to want to change, but changing into pajamas is a popular thing for many First Classers supported by what I read in the blogs. The pajamas do run big and don’t shrink. You can always find them on eBay if you’re that curious. AA First’s service was excellent and I got a great deal with my miles (I mean, I had no other means of getting home) and this was one of the few flights I didn’t sleep 90% of the time. I was the only non-old white male and the young female flight attendant kept on refilling my white glass while I watched Downton Abbey.