to travel & shop / portland anthropologie and future glory rockwell bags review

This post is a review of the Anthropologie store in Portland, Oregon and a few Future Glory Rockwell styles that I found there.

I visited Portland, Oregon a few weeks ago for vacation (after visiting numerous times for work). Portland is known for great food and the day trip radius has wine country and scenic views. It just happened that there are two stores that I really wanted to check out. This new Anthropologie store was one of them.

This store reopened in March 2016 as the first of their supersized destination stores. The Newport Beach store has since opened, King of Prussia, Palo Alto, and Walnut Creek are on schedule for later this year. These new stores are great news if you want to check out their home goods (which is so much harder to shop for online and at Anthropologie’s price points). This store is over 25,000 square feet and has two floors. The first floor has most of the ‘showrooms’, design center, beauty area, and sale sections (at least when I visited during the tag sale). The second floor has the fitting rooms, shoe/accessories area, lingerie, activewear, more clothes, more furniture, and a small sale section. The shoe/accessories area has a dedicated salesperson similar to department stores and inventory is kept in the back.

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to eat & drink / {portland, or} pine state biscuits & coava coffee

If you haven’t noticed, I like sausage gravy and biscuits. Since I was raised in an Asian household, I never knew such a thing existed until I went to college. I used to be a morning person and loved grabbing breakfast at the dorms. So, how could I resist Pine State Biscuits? (WARNING — do not visit the website if you are hungry!) It has multiple locations in Northeast Portland (where most of the good stuff is) and according to Yelp, they were all equally crowded. I called ahead of time and my order was ready by the time I got there. It felt like a waste to just order one thing so I asked for recommendations and put in an order of the fried green tomatoes. Both items were excellent. I also picked up a cup of Coava Coffee, which shares space with a (fragrant) wood shop.

Pictured in order: The Reggie Deluxe (fried chicken, bacon, egg, and cheese topped with gravy), fried green tomatoes, Coava coffee, and Coava’s space.

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to eat / {portland, or} random order coffeehouse & bakery

I first posted about Portland, Oregon in June and never went past Part 1. Continuity and administrative tasks are not my strength. In this case, I blame it on not having a centralized photo repository sitting on a cloud. Not that I don’t have space…

As I mentioned here, I went to Portland again. My friend, Steve, is a coffee connoisseur/fanatic and gave me another bunch of recommendations on places to eat and drink [coffee]. Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery was my very last stop before my red-eye flight back east. Traffic was on the top of my short list of things I did not like about Portland, but I still managed to get a good glimpse of the different neighborhoods. This place was in a particularly chill hood. I grabbed a sandwich (made of two halves – one salty and one sweet), a brownie, and 4 slices of pie for the road. I’ve been so busy with work lately that I forgot about the brownie until this weekend. Yes, it was still edible :) The cherry pie was a favorite. If you’re in the area, it is definitely worth a stop!

Pictured in order: Cardamom & Sea-salted Pistachio Brownie, Farm sandwich (fresh veggies/herb cream cheese), Peanut Butter Panini (with banana, cinnamon, and honey), Oregon Cherry pie, Tahitian Vanilla Salted Caramel Apple pie, Coconut Cream pie, and Banana Cream pie (with a very healthy dusting of cinnamon).

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to travel / … with food

My mother’s side of the family is big on food, but I noticed at a young age that not every branch of the family is as serious as ours in that we also like to transport food around.

Some things I’ve traveled with include:

  • KFC gift boxes of egg tarts: I brought a few boxes back from me in Taiwan — they are perfect after a quick run in the toaster oven and also make great gifts for those who miss Taiwan.
  • Laduree macarons and luxemburgerli (that is one of my most visited posts): In addition to the luxemburgerli, I also brought back tons of chocolate from Zurich. Some were fresh truffles, i.e. must eat right away because there are no preservatives.
  • The original Sacher torte: During an 1+ week trip from Munich to Copenhagen, I lugged a Sacher torte around for my uncle. The sad part of the story is that he ended up going out of town before I got home… so we devoured it with some other family.

Most recently, I had a short trip to Portland, Oregon. I can gush a while about their food scene, coffee shops, and how I want to move there one day. For the sake of brevity and not digressing in this post, I’d like to share a picture of my carry-on on the way back from Portland. I purchased this red Longchamp le Pliage large tote (available here and here) on sale in Copenhagen a few years back and it’s been ever so useful for traveling.

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to travel / portland, oregon (part 1)

I went to Portland, Maine last summer with good friends and had a blast. The other Portland in Oregon was also high on my list, so I was excited when an opportunity came up in early June. I got a fairly good snapshot during my 4 day trip. I need to return asap with my eating and drinking buddies, and not before a wedding that I need to participate in ;)

I used to be a Starwood and Marriott person. In more recent years, I’ve gone Starwood. Initially I booked the Westin, but upon further research, I discovered the downtown Nines Hotel was also a Starwood property and a part of their luxury collection. Perservance is key as it is a popular hotel and rooms at the corporate rate were sold out for one of my evenings. I was going to mattress hop to the Westin the last evening, but kept on checking and something finally opened up.

The Nines Hotel is centrally located. There is a mall nearby with a J.Crew a block away and did I mention that Oregon is tax-free? No tax on clothes, food, etc. There is also a considerable number of restaurants within walking distance. The Nines’ decor is modern and the color scheme revolves around my favorite shade of robin’s blue (which also occupies the walls of my room in my parents’ house – thanks, Benjamin Moore). It was a relaxing stay.

One nice feature about the corporate rate was that it was on the club lounge floor. There was free continental breakfast, drinks, snacks, and one of the hotel restaurants supplied hors d’œuvres every few hours.

The presentation was top-notch but after a few rounds (no repeats!), I concluded that the food was mostly too salty.

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