to read / adieu to google reader

Google Reader and I started going steady in 2008. I pulled the image above right after Google announced that it was dropping Reader, its RSS reader*, but as I started drafting this post, I decided I was not going to research a Reader replacement until much closer to its demise and let everybody else figure out a solution.

Come late June, I found out Newsify (previously mentioned here) had already integrated their product with Feedly. I love Newsify (enough not to bother researching alternatives) so I migrated my feed over to Feedly to check it out. Despite many lackluster reviews, Feedly was better than expected. I probably read as much of my RSS feeds on my mobile as I do on my laptop, so needed a sound Reader replacement that addressed both needs. On my mobile app, there are no hiccups. The interface on Newsify is exactly the same, only the backend changed. On the computer, the biggest change is that Feedly has no search function (please correct me if I’m wrong!). I also like how they have keyboard shortcuts with similar shortcuts as Reader (use Shift + ? on any Google product to figure out the shortcuts).

*RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Blogs, news sites, eBay searches, Craigslist searches, Instagram, etc. all have RSS feeds. It often shows up as an orange icon. Instead of tracking a gazillion websites to see if anything has changed on sites, you can input all of those feeds into a reader and the reader will let you know when there’s been an update. Good RSS readers have functionalities such as search, bookmarks, tagging, categories, and sharing.

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