to shop / {sale review} ann taylor – feb 2016

Ann Taylor has sales more often than not. I go for the basic styles, because the trendy items are almost always returned or eBayed a few months down the line. Their current sales are great because there are tons of classic pieces and most items are not final sale. Get an extra 60% off sale with code SHOP60 through Monday night.

I like that their site has big, clear photos at various angles and user reviews. AT has some nice, trendy items and the quality is usually pretty good for what it is. It’s great for building a professional wardrobe.

Image source: Ann Taylor

(L to R) Sale items may be sold out, but inventory frequently updates throughout the day.

  • Collared Wrap Front Blouse in Navy. There is a ton of polyester on AT. This one had the right weight, isn’t see through (for this dark color), and draped nicely over pants and skirts for work.
  • Boiled Cape Wool Coat in Modern Porcelain. Runs big. I go between regular and petite and got this in petite. It came slightly wrinkled which highlighted that the material was slightly thinner than I’d like. I didn’t like the way it hung. Verdict: Returned.
  • Pleated Sweater Skirt in Black and Cream. Based on reviews, I sized up and wanted length, so did not go for petites. It does not suck you in, so I wear this comfortably layered under tops that extend past the waist and sometimes layer another topper/long cardigan on top. I loved it so much in black that I went back for a cream. It’s now final sale.
  • Stretch Leggings (not pictured). I’ve gotten a pair or two every year since they started making them in 2013. They are my go to leggings-ish pants with thicker legging material and an elastic waistband. I’m short, but I get the regular and petite length and wear them depending on the time of the year. I machine wash and hang dry. I haven’t gotten rid of any yet, but a couple pairs have worn looking waistbands. Highly recommend!

to shop / {sale review} COS – feb 2016

COS has a sale at the end of every season. It’s currently an extra 20% off (price as marked), which means it’s on its last leg and can disappear at any time. I rarely shop COS at full-price, especially since COS opened in the US, but they have a lot of LBDs that are well priced compared to Ann Taylor or J.Crew. Generally, I prefer to COS fit over an awkward J.Crew fit (you know what I’m talking about). I also love how there are no final sales, because I do return a lot. Sizing for lettered sizes tend to be more generous than numbers. And read the descriptions – they will indicate if it is an oversized fit.

Image source: COS

(L to R) Sale colors may be sold out (they recycle designs and will change the color each season) and was overall at least 60% off.

  • Textured Knit Cardigan in Indigo. Love the bubble-like texture which has a little bit more volume with no added weight. It could work as a light spring jacket. Great for layering at the office.
  • Wool Dress with Silk Sleeves in Taupe. The body of the dress is boiled wool and the sleeves are silk. Good weight, especially on top of tights.
  • Layered Wool Cape in Navy. Runs big. I think I’ve finally found a cape that works? It’s unobtrusive and not too heavy.
  • Dropped Shoulder Top (not pictured). Runs big and if your office isn’t too formal, it layers well on top of skirts/pants.


to shop / {sale review} 2012 fashion girls for japan (and anniel vs. repetto)

It’s low season for NYC sales. Frankly, I’m pretty lazy and rarely make it out to sales to avoid the temptation. Got a problem snacking on junk food? If you don’t buy it, you won’t be tempted to eat it! Got a problem overshopping at sales? If you don’t go, you can’t buy! Err… I can’t apply the same logic to online shopping.

Last year, a group of folks in the fashion industry got together after the tsunami and hosted a sale with items donated by a bunch of designers: Fashion Girls for Japan. All proceeds go to the recovery efforts. They did the same thing this year. I wasn’t planning on going until a friend forwarded me a Racked blog post featuring $40-65 current season Repettos. Due to my complicated email filtering system, I didn’t see it until Saturday night, which is after day 1 of the sale. Grrr. I skim a lot of blogs / blog titles daily and I’d written off this sale when I saw 50% off only.

The next day, I got up bright and early and headed to the sale. It was in the Bowery Hotel and there was a $5 admission fee. Tons of stuff, tons of open space, too much sunlight (I was practically blinded when I was checking price tags from one side), and only a few shoppers milling about. There were a few odd Repetto styles in size 42. There were many more pairs of Anniel, a Italian version of Repetto, that I’d read about in recent months but had never seen in person. I’m always curious (if that explains a lot of my buying/returning behavior) and most of the Anniel was size 38, my size (US 8). Prices were good and in the $75 or below range.

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