to shop / weekend sales (petit bateau, skincarerx, zara, and shoes!)

Get 25% off sale items at Petit Bateau through Sunday, July 14 with code EXTRA25. I’m a die hard fan of their t-shirts. I’ve worn a variation since 2004. My current favorite are the boatneck tees I previously mentioned, but are no longer sold. Good thing I kind of stocked up? The extra 25% makes the prices pretty reasonable… of course you cannot compare with prices in France. The PB website also leaves much to be desired in terms of styling, product pictures, and basic website functionalities! If you’re looking for modeling pictures, check the French site where the images above are from. Their sizing chart is pretty accurate, but sizing may vary between style.

My picks: Floral rabbit, the Kitsune Mariniere Top, Classic Black V-Neck Top, Colorblock Cardigan (also comes in Tiffany blue…). See all sale items.

If you missed the SkinCareRX sale last month, they are still having some great deals:

I don’t think the two rebates can be combined, but it never hurts to ask.

Zara‘s semiannual sale continues on. Like Forever 21, Zara is a retailer where it’s easy to rack up a bunch of purchases that ultimately have no long term viability, which I really do not like. I’ve unknowingly gone on a Forever 21 and Zara fast, so let’s see if I cave. I was keeping tabs on this lightweight trench coat, since it reminded me of the Baukjen Jodie Trench, but my size ran out and I think it’s still a far stretch from Jodie. I adore Baukjen’s fit and quality. The basic thong sandals (above) look like a great, affordable ($19.99!) alternative to the K. Jacques Delta sandal. I wonder if it’s durable enough for a walk around the city!

Shoescribe is owned by Yoox (which I’ve been avoiding because it’s addicting and time consuming) and has an pretty good shoe sale going on. As someone who doesn’t wear heels often, here are my favorite brands:

to shop / major sales on skincare, karen walker, clare vivier, etc.

It’s major sale season, if you haven’t noticed. I will be highlighting two e-tailers today: SkinCareRX and wconcept.

Through tomorrow, June 30, SkinCareRX is having a great 25-50% off tiered discount (the more you buy, the more you save) with no brand exclusions, which is a big deal. I finished my Renee Rouleau Vitamin C & E Complex (post) a week ago and after doing a little research decided to go back to the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum. This serum retails for $150 and since I couldn’t find a good “deal”, I halted my search. I’m so glad I did, since buying two bottles through this sale is effectively 50% off (although I’m not sure if it’s good to stockpile this serum given its ingredients).

SkincareRX carries higher end skincare. Some of it intersects with what you may find at Sephora. I highly recommend the Colorescience SPF portable powder brush (Cameron Diaz swears by it), the Alpha Beta Daily Face Peels from Dr. Dennis Gross, Clarisonic (there is also a $50 off $150+ purchase for this brand only, *light bulb*), La Roche Posay Anthelios sunscreen, or the Dermalogica line. Read the rebate carefully to make sure your final purchase amount is sufficient for the discount you’re shooting for.

I’ve mentioned wconcept a few times before. They are located in NJ and carry a good assortment of boutique brands. I am assuming they are Korean-owned since they are located in Fort Lee, carry non-labeled clothing imported from Korea, and the rest of their items have a very Francophile edit (which is fine by me!). The wconcept sale is also a tiered 20-40% discount through July 4th. This is a great deal considering the amount of Clare Vivier that they carry! They started their sale earlier in the week and I haven’t had time to blog about it, so sadly many of the more coveted items are now sold out. But I was able to finally snag a Comme des Garcons luxury leather pouch.

Other brands I love are Comme des Garcons, Bensimon (which are already discounted, size up (8=39)), Karen Walker, Repetto (very low inventory, but don’t fret because there are better sales about), Saint James tees, Ray Bans,… Click here for the full list of designers. There are quite a few brands for the gents too. If you’re considering a Clare Vivier la Trop bag or messenger bag, don’t hesitate and you should really aim for the maximum discount.

Happy Shopping!

to shop / j.crew is back with secrets

Note: I am decreasing the frequency and/or length of my posts for a bit to spend time on life and sleep. Don’t be too sad or deterred from commenting.

Back when I was in college, had fabulous “secret” sales. (I think they might’ve always been at Sweater coats were in its heydey and there was a $10 or $15 sale, which was very budget friendly.

J.Crew is back with secrets but they are easily divulged thanks to “friends” like jcrewaficionada, which is a great resource for researching final sale items before buying. Google for reviews though as blog search functions don’t hit the comments.

If you’ve had your eye on a J.Crew sale item online, now is the time to check it out — get additional 30% off sale items with the “secret” code, MUSTSHOP through May 3. I’ll also give you a few hints:

  1. Sale items are currently not final sale! It’s so easy to go overboard with these additional % sales especially when there are major popbacks. I am super guilty of this.
  2. The quality of the factory items is actually not bad and their prices fluctuate a lot. The factory is also accessible 24/7, even if J.Crew delinks it from the front page during the week! Unfortunately, you cannot return these item to normal stores.
  3. While the website updates at midnight PST with promotions, inventory is refreshed every morning. If you’re stalking something, bookmark it because it takes time for the J.Crew sale pages to refresh.
  4. You can return Madewell and J.Crew items in the same box. The return label fee is quite practical for a massive return. Just make sure you record your label tracking number in case it gets lost!
  5. Get another 6% back from eBates!

Some recent faves in addition to the red Valentinas that are on sale in store only at this point, as well as some disappointing full price non-faves:

I tried the Minquiers III and Galathee tee from Saint James, and am still a major non-fan of these tees! They fit smaller than the other styles, but the sleeves are still too relaxed and cannot be saved with mere sleeve rolling. I loved the new Odette blouse from the Altuzarra collection for CFDA (you might recall Gap used to host the winner’s collections), which is pricey for a shirt, but priced appropriately with their other Thomas Mason shirts.

I loved the big-shot dot circle skirt (also way cheaper in stores). I would’ve liked the Altuzarra Sabrina dress if they hadn’t sewn/glued/fully affixed the white ribbon on the dress. It is really well made and flattering otherwise. The fresco floral dress was the first fresco print item to completely sell out at first markdown. Its fit is similar to the Sabrina. Lastly, the factory has two floral embroidered dresses that are a knock off of the Mirabel styles from last summer. I prefer the white/red version, but really, wait for more markdowns.

to shop / j.crew extra 30% off sale

J.Crew‘s sneaky and hasn’t been publicizing their additional 30% off sale codes lately. I’m not sure when it expires, but code SHOPNOW works at the moment and there was just an influx of new sale items and markdowns. (Thanks, Gigi!)

This Fresco Floral Dress is down to $139.99 (the lowest markdown of the Fresco Floral family — seriously a gorgeous print). It ran small on me but the fit was great. I’m also a fan of the costume-y Carnation Bracelet (now $21), the red Teddie Dress, and the girls’ Wandering Star Train Case.

The newer items tend not to be on final sale. If the final sale red print doesn’t show up on the product page and the checkout page, then it’s not final sale.

Get another 6% back from eBates too.

to shop / {sale review} 2012 fashion girls for japan (and anniel vs. repetto)

It’s low season for NYC sales. Frankly, I’m pretty lazy and rarely make it out to sales to avoid the temptation. Got a problem snacking on junk food? If you don’t buy it, you won’t be tempted to eat it! Got a problem overshopping at sales? If you don’t go, you can’t buy! Err… I can’t apply the same logic to online shopping.

Last year, a group of folks in the fashion industry got together after the tsunami and hosted a sale with items donated by a bunch of designers: Fashion Girls for Japan. All proceeds go to the recovery efforts. They did the same thing this year. I wasn’t planning on going until a friend forwarded me a Racked blog post featuring $40-65 current season Repettos. Due to my complicated email filtering system, I didn’t see it until Saturday night, which is after day 1 of the sale. Grrr. I skim a lot of blogs / blog titles daily and I’d written off this sale when I saw 50% off only.

The next day, I got up bright and early and headed to the sale. It was in the Bowery Hotel and there was a $5 admission fee. Tons of stuff, tons of open space, too much sunlight (I was practically blinded when I was checking price tags from one side), and only a few shoppers milling about. There were a few odd Repetto styles in size 42. There were many more pairs of Anniel, a Italian version of Repetto, that I’d read about in recent months but had never seen in person. I’m always curious (if that explains a lot of my buying/returning behavior) and most of the Anniel was size 38, my size (US 8). Prices were good and in the $75 or below range.

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