to eat / {portland, or} random order coffeehouse & bakery

I first posted about Portland, Oregon in June and never went past Part 1. Continuity and administrative tasks are not my strength. In this case, I blame it on not having a centralized photo repository sitting on a cloud. Not that I don’t have space…

As I mentioned here, I went to Portland again. My friend, Steve, is a coffee connoisseur/fanatic and gave me another bunch of recommendations on places to eat and drink [coffee]. Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery was my very last stop before my red-eye flight back east. Traffic was on the top of my short list of things I did not like about Portland, but I still managed to get a good glimpse of the different neighborhoods. This place was in a particularly chill hood. I grabbed a sandwich (made of two halves – one salty and one sweet), a brownie, and 4 slices of pie for the road. I’ve been so busy with work lately that I forgot about the brownie until this weekend. Yes, it was still edible :) The cherry pie was a favorite. If you’re in the area, it is definitely worth a stop!

Pictured in order: Cardamom & Sea-salted Pistachio Brownie, Farm sandwich (fresh veggies/herb cream cheese), Peanut Butter Panini (with banana, cinnamon, and honey), Oregon Cherry pie, Tahitian Vanilla Salted Caramel Apple pie, Coconut Cream pie, and Banana Cream pie (with a very healthy dusting of cinnamon).

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