to shop / muji poncho

Muji is a requisite stop whenever I visit Taipei. It helps that there is one less than 5 minutes away, is open late, and is often on the way home. I was greeted by a ton of ponchos (pictured) when I stopped by the other night in many different prints and colors. Yum! They’re also running a storewide promotion during my stay which means I need to strategize my spending. And don’t be mistaken, late October weather in Taipei means 70s-80s with 80% humidity but it’s been cool and breezy lately thanks to Typhoon Koopu. Otherwise, I’m sweaty and don’t want to look at any wool. I have no idea if this product has hit the US stores yet (silent fist shaking at how long the US Muji store has been offline). You can gawk on the Japanese Muji site if you’d like and then inquire with your local store.

P.S. Similar cape scarf in a light gray pinstripe from Madewell looks slightly heavier if that’s what you’re looking for.

Image: Muji

to shop / madewell new york city cityguide scarf

A coworker had a new black and white scarf on during a staff meeting, which I admired from afar. I immediately knew it was Madewell and that it was going on my wishlist! The Cityguide Scarf reminds me of my Tokyo storyteller scarf, but set in NYC with food highlights and longer length. I don’t need much convincing with ‘taco taco taco’ and ‘yum ramen’.

This goes well with my Madewell Amex offer

Image source: Madewell

general / brain dump

(Image source: Rifle Paper Co.)

I. Food

  • Dominique Ansel revealed his Cronut recipe in advance of his cookbook launch at the end of the month. Not that I have any desire to attempt it. It’s very labor intensive and I wasn’t enthralled with the Cronut I tried. P.S. His instagram has lots of food porn.

II. Fashion

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to shop / madewell little tokyo storyteller scarf (always check the stores!)

I have updated this post with CyberMonday deals.

I ventured to the stores on Sunday to make some mass returns. I love the patch of Fifth Avenue between 16th and 19th St — Anthropologie, Madewell, J.Crew, Zara, Joe Fresh, and Gap. Old Navy’s also a block away. One observation — Anthropologie and Madewell smell really bad. Anthropologie was renovated earlier this year. It reeks of stinky chemicals. Madewell smells of lingering secondhand smoke.

I’ve been eyeing the Little Tokyo Storyteller Scarf at Madewell. It is 100% wool, is in my favorite color scheme, and has polka dots. And the weather is getting cold. The store was littered with this scarf in the regular priced sections on the first and second floor for $59.50. Then, I saw a few of the scarves in the sale section… marked down to $39.99. I quickly compared the tag numbers between the two and they were the same — very weird. I ended up buying the scarf, after I returned the leopard sidewalk skimmers (ehh… don’t like calf hair!). Since they had 25% off running in the stores, I got the scarf for $30ish, final sale. Lesson: always check the stores.

I also liked the Parisienne Storyteller Scarf. It is slightly lighter than the Tokyo scarf since it is a wool/silk blend. I wish they put more effort in storytelling beyond slapping names of places on the scarf, though.

At J.Crew, the sale section was still decent. The lustre lace mockneck tee which I mentioned here, was marked down to $75 (post 25% off) and all of the sale items are not final sale. After trying it on at home, I concluded that this top is way too itchy for $75. It’s going back, but for those who are immune to itchiness, your lesson is the same as above.

This is the time of year when I start getting turned off by all the sales.