to pamper / extending the life of shoes

A good pair of shoes is meant to last for a long time if you take care of them. That’s how I justify spending more on a pair versus a cheap pair that lasts a season. Not to mention, cheap shoes add to wastelands and often aren’t as good for your feet.

Most expensive shoes come with a fresh leather sole. If yours does, do yourself a favor and take them straight to the cobbler to apply a rubber sole before you hit the pavement. This elongates the life of your shoes, especially if you walk a lot or if you need some traction. If your shoes come with a rubber sole, still monitor them carefully. You may need a replacement sole/heel. All this maintenance may cost the price of a cheap pair of shoes. It always shocks me how many people don’t know what a Vibram rubber sole is, so here are a few examples.

1) An old pair of J.Crew boots (circa 2004!). Don’t mind the dust…

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