to shop / mansur gavriel london online sample sale review

PSA If you wanted a blush mini bucket or teal saffiano mini mini bucket for sample size prices, go here and use code LOVE20 for 20% off!

Feb 17 Update: Last update. Hope you got what you wanted (drop me a line!). After much thinking of what would spark joy, I ended up getting the canvas bucket in creme/black. 

Feb 16 Update: One more day of the sample sale. MG refreshes the sale page each day but there may be styles from the prior days that are not sold out. Also, if you can add to cart, click on checkout to confirm if it’s *really* in-stock! Good luck!

Feb 15 Update: Fingers crossed that unlike past sales, MG will be updating their online sale on the last day. See below for my Day 4 predictions!

Image: MG

The London sample sale started today. I like data points, so while I’m not able to post real-time updates about this sale (I have a job!), I hope this helps someone out for days 2-4 of the sale. (See my original sale post for the laundry list of tips.)

London online sample sale link

From their e-mail:

Shop Bags, Shoes & Ready-to-Wear 
online and via Instagram Stories 
February 13th – 17th 
6AM EST ⁄ NYC Time 
11AM GMT ⁄ London Time

Shop in London at
The Music Room 
26 South Molton Lane 
Mayfair, London W1K 5LF 
Wednesday Feb 13th 11AM – 8PM 
Thursday Feb 14th 8AM – 8PM 
Friday Feb 15th 8AM – 7PM 
Saturday Feb 16th 10AM – 5PM

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to shop / mansur gavriel la online sample sale review and the london sale

Image: Mansur Gavriel

Since the inaugural sample sale in NYC in April 2018,  Mansur Gavriel had a sample sale in LA in August 2018 and is now having one in London starting in the morning. The best part about these sample sales is that they also have one online! The prices and selection do not compare with the in-person sale, and you may also have to deal with cancellations and hiccups, but it’s better than nothing.

Refer to this post for some tips and tricks and my review of the NYC online sale. Read on for my thoughts on the LA online sample sale (yes, I am a bit late on blogging this) and details of the London sample sale.

Styles/Colors/Leathers and Prices

All items are listed on the sample sale page. Prices were 40-80% off, similar to the last sale, however, the selection was very limited. If you like suede, Blu, Black, you were in luck. I really wanted a canvas bag, but not enough to get a large tote (too big) and bucket (also too big).

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to shop / mansur gavriel nyc online sample sale review and tips

Image: Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel is currently hosting its first sample sale through April 21, 2018 in Soho, New York City. Today is the third day. I didn’t have high expectations for the sale, but from the sample sale reports on social media, it looks amazing minus the lines. They have significant discounts, variety, no complaints on bag condition, restocking throughout, etc. Sample sales rarely bring out the best in people. When the discounts are 70% off patent leather or fabric bags, 50% off suede, calf, or tumbled leather bags, 40% off vegetable tanned leather bags, $125 for flat clutches, and 65% off ready to wear, it’s a bargain hunter’s paradise as much as it is a reseller’s.

The rest of this post will focus on the online sample sale experience. Hopefully it helps someone who wants to try for Day 4. This is based on my own online shopping experiences as well as tips that other shoppers have left on social media and forums. This is not a true sample sale but more like an overstock/clearance of discontinued items sale.

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to shop / paypal ‘return shipping on us’ = free returns!

PayPal has had this program in place for a while, but I didn’t notice it until recently. If you’re like me and you like to shop, sometimes have to cough up money for returns, and you don’t mind checking out via PayPal… activate Return Shipping on Us.

All the fine print is here.

  • US PayPal accounts only.
  • Purchase paid fully on PayPal.
  • Save your shipping receipt — easiest if you print postage online and save a PDF of the label with postage fee and address. (If you didn’t know, you can print labels directly from PayPal.)
  • You don’t need to activate the offer before you make a purchase, but you need to activate it before you submit a refund request. The shipping refund request is processed by a third party.
  • Get up to 12 refunds, cap of $30/refund, and 1 refund per transaction ID. This is super generous.

P.S. I often checkout with PayPal because I’m too lazy to get my cc. I have it semi-memorized but fraud often makes me change numbers more often then I’d prefer. I’ve never had any issues with shopping or getting returns credited with PayPal.

to shop / managing the vicious cycle of buy+keep+return

I’ve been shopping up a storm lately, but have also been returning up a storm. This requires tight management of credit card expenses, return shipments, and refunds. This article describes me perfectly, except immediate return reads to me as not final sale :)

Credit card expenses:

  • I love how American Express(my preferred card since they gave me my first cc many years ago) has great search and tagging capabilities. For any purchases that I may return, I tag it. Then I can easily search by tags.
    • One of the most depressing things to do is to search year-to-date transactions for <insert your favorite retailer>. Yikes!

Return shipments:

  • If I’m not generating my own UPS or USPS return label, I take a picture of the return label so I can track it. If the return address is in a neighboring state, most likely, it’s much cheaper to print your own UPS or USPS label online.
  • If I have a lot to return, I prefer to pay the return label fee ($6-8) rather than schlep to a store to avoid lines and disgruntled workers. Most retailers process returns in a jiffy, especially J.Crew.
  • If you’re returning multiple orders to different retailers (like J.Crew and Madewell) in the same box, keep track of that as well. I recently returned a bunch of Amazon orders and saw that not all orders in a box were credited, or they didn’t fully credit me for everything returned. Just because they are a reputable retailer does not mean they are perfect.
    • Sidenote: Amazon’s online return/exchange process for their shoes has plenty of bugs. Most retailers do not have world-class customer service like Amazon, which redeems their flaws.


  • Many retailers have integrated their online and in-store POS systems so if you return items bought online in-store, it’s reflected in your online history (e.g. J.Crew, Gap). Many retailers also provide return confirmations via e-mail.
  • If you’re returning in-store, keep all receipts and reconcile with your credit card activity. Most retailers give you an immediate refund, but some like Zara, I think, have to send it back to their online distribution center to process. They forgot to refund an item once, but I had the return acceptance receipt to back me up.
  • You can return crewcuts and online J.Crew Factory items at any J.Crew retail store. If you get pushback on returning online Factory items at a store, ask for a manager (since seasonal staff probably won’t know).
  • If you do not have a receipt, the store may be able to look up a purchase with your credit card (e.g. Target, Gap). If you hate carrying around receipts, and are an Anthropologie shopper, sign up for the free anthro program. It is sooo convenient.
  • When in doubt, keep all items in the plastic bags it arrives in (especially if there are no tags) and keep the original receipts. Or if you lost the original receipt, see if the retailer can send you another one.
  • Since it is the holidays, check for grace periods on return deadlines.

A recent buy that I’m definitely keeping… the J.Crew Collection luxe silk crepe blouse in sand dune. It was on sale plus additional discounts. It’s a luscious, thick silk.

A recent buy that I’m definitely returning, again… Forever 21 Leopard Faux Fur Jacket. I tried, but I remembered why I returned it last year. It’s too swingy/boxy. Plus, I just nabbed another leopard print wool coat that I’ve been stalking for a looooong time on eBay that fits perfectly for an amazing price.

In leopard news, another repeat return was the leopard sidewalk skimmers from Madewell. Calfhair flats are too delicate. I realized I didn’t like the skimmer fit so all colors are going back. I think I may be between sizes on this shoe. Money saved.

And here is something fun, a tip for tracking price fluctuations on Amazon:

Whenever I like something on Amazon (and admittedly, I like a lot ever since they ramped up their clothing and shoe departments), I add it to my cart and then click on save for later. If the price fluctuates, it pops up in the pricing updates. Example, right after the massive designer shoes price drops:

And, no, I don’t wear sizes 9-10, but they had no other sizes in stock and I wanted to track the item.