to pamper / sephora favorites: sun safety kit and more

Sephora comes out with a Sun Safety Kit at the start of every summer with a variety of SPF and self-tanning products. They quickly sell out. It’s $32 (and a $127 value) and $20 of that goes to The Skin Cancer Foundation. This is good for someone who’s looking for a new SPF product and isn’t sensitive to certain sunscreen ingredients. I personally don’t care for the self-tanning products.

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to pamper / weekend spa time at home

I try and do this once a week for ridulously clean and soft feeling skin. While it doesn’t have to be done on the weekend, that’s when I tend to have more time.

Step Zero: Wash Your Face

Step One: Exfoliating Mask to get rid of dullness and decongest skin.

Wash off with water and dry your face.

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weekends / saturday six (2016.03.12) (a day late!)

I was out of town last weekend and last week was exhausting. My saturday six series is more difficult to maintain than I expected… Better late than never, right?

Six things from the last two weeks

(1) Tata Harper master class at Cap Beauty. The event was PACKED. Once the crowds subsided, I got to ask Tata a bunch of questions and try many products. I will be blogging details in a separate post.

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to pamper / {sale alert} renee rouleau annual sale

Hello from Oakland, CA.

I’ve been waiting for Renee Rouleau‘s annual sale for ages. Even though it’s only 15% off, I psychologically can’t bring myself to pay full price if I know there will be a sale. It was delayed from August to September so they have more in stock, which is greatly appreciated. I think I skipped out on the 2014 sale because half of what I wanted was sold out.

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to shop / madewell hinge bracelet review, memebox, and more

Quick reviews and current sales: