2018 thoughts on self-care

I know it’s already 2019, I am catching up!

I compiled a list of my favorites… not just skincare!

Listen to your skin. It’s hard for me to tell the effect of one product, since I switch around and may add multiple new ones at one time. But, I will say that anyone that goes from using nothing to something will see a difference in your skin. Hydrating toners (not the stripping kind that you apply with a cotton pad), cleansers at a right ph, double cleansing, some exfoliating, or essences make a discernible difference. There are always affordable options for every product type.

Favorite Cleanser: Tatcha Cleansing Oil and Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser. I have tried other cleansing oils during the year (and will continue to) but my favorite is still the Tatcha. I’ve been using the Cerave as a first or second cleanser for a long time. These cleansers clean well and don’t strip the skin.

Favorite Watery Essence: The Amorepacific Vintage Single Extract Essence was on my wishlist for a while.This was a rare product that was sold out on the Lotte Duty Free app so I had to buy in person, but it worked out because I got a ton of gifts. It’s made of fermented green tea (yummy antioxidants!!).

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to pamper / sephora favorites: sun safety kit and more

Sephora comes out with a Sun Safety Kit at the start of every summer with a variety of SPF and self-tanning products. They quickly sell out. It’s $32 (and a $127 value) and $20 of that goes to The Skin Cancer Foundation. This is good for someone who’s looking for a new SPF product and isn’t sensitive to certain sunscreen ingredients. I personally don’t care for the self-tanning products.

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to pamper / spf update (mizon, eltamd, mentholatum, dr. wu)

Facial sunscreens (l to r, clockwise):

  • Mizon Ultra Wonder Power Jelly Sun SPF 35 PA++. 100 ml (3.38 fl oz) tube. Purchased from the Peach and Lily sample sale. The sale was chaotic and skincare sold out really fast. I managed to find 3 tubes of these after walking around and looking for cast-offs. After finding out that it was $10/per tube at the cashier, I left with 2 of the 3 since I was buying sight unseen with no reviews. Overall, I like it. It has a light gel consistency, is moisturizing (hyaluronic acid and trehalose), but you have to be careful not to use too much or it leaves your face super shiney and is harder to absorb fully. Despite it being a physical sunscreen (titanium dioxide), there is no white cast. I also use it on my neck, hands, and arms. The PA rating system is from Japan and addresses UVA only. The PA++ rating indicates that this has moderate UVA protection. I’m not sure if I would go out of my way to find this, but it’s a nice size/consistency for $10. Continue reading “to pamper / spf update (mizon, eltamd, mentholatum, dr. wu)”

to pamper / {deal alert} drugstore skincare favorites

Through Saturday, Drugstore.com is running a 20% off promotion off the beauty department, which includes skin care, cosmetics, hair care, bath, etc. Some items are already discounted and you can get 4% back through eBates (which also has 8% back for Neiman Marcus, Sephora and 9% back for Yoox this week!). Get free 2-day shipping (on most items) with ShopRunner (previously free for Amex cardholders and recently free for all to compete with Amazon Prime). This is the lowest price I’ve seen for my favorite cleanser!

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to pamper / *sephora deal* peter thomas roth spf brush

For those who know me, I am slightly anal about SPF protection. I feel naked if I ever step out of the house in daylight without a hint of SPF on. Rays are present even when the sun isn’t shining. They say hands are the first to show sign of age since it is usually overlooked. For those of you who drive, despite slathering sunscreen on my hands, my former 3+ hour driving commute resulted in a tanner left hand. I’m so glad I no longer drive to work, but I still need to protect the hands.

I’m a huge fan of Sephora – great values, sets, return policy, and range of brands. I’ve been waiting for Sephora to restock on their Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 30 brush for ages. Isn’t it nice to know that the e-mail notification for restock actually works? I’ve been too lazy to check if the Sephora in my building carries it. This SPF brush is great for touching up your face during the day (because you really need to reapply throughout the day if you’re walking around), or to put on your hands. It goes on clear and is only $12! Sephora says it’s a $35 value and I will believe them (unlike Gilt).

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