to travel / beijing: opposite house boutique hotel

I remember uploading these pictures in Beijing… It. took. forever. Opposite House is a trendy boutique hotel in the Sanlitun Village. We popped in one night to admire the lobby. And I returned later to enjoy dinner at Bei. The lobby is laid out like an art exhibition. Attendants are unobtrusive. We admired the porcelain cheongsam, sweeping ceilings, and shiny surfaces.

to shop / crossbody bag from beijing 798

I picked up this little bag when I was in Beijing’s 798 Art District. Due to its trapezoidal shape (which is unseen from this angle), I can fit a ton of stuff including my Olay sunscreen, blistex chapstick, mophie charger, charging cable, compact umbrella, money, etc. What I love most is that it can go crossbody, I can knot the long strap, it can be folded for easy packing, and it was only $14. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately for the lack of finding another crossbody bag in my just-moved-and-unpacked apartment! I was tempted by other designs/colors at the point of purchase (see second pic), but am glad I went with a solid red.