general / brain dump

(Image source: Rifle Paper Co.)

I. Food

  • Dominique Ansel revealed his Cronut recipe in advance of his cookbook launch at the end of the month. Not that I have any desire to attempt it. It’s very labor intensive and I wasn’t enthralled with the Cronut I tried. P.S. His instagram has lots of food porn.

II. Fashion

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to shop / a few good jackets from target

Image source: Target

I’m loving some of Target’s new arrivals. Too bad the site is so hard to shop! I consider these items to be very reasonably priced, especially if you get a lot of wear out of them, and to be an absolute steal when they get discounted to say… 50% off.

P.S. I checked out a few styles that the darling Blair Eadie put together but wasn’t that enthralled with the items.

to shop / reviews for target x kirna zabete and altuzarra

Target x Kirna Zabete leather jacket

The leather jacket runs big and has a fantastic fit and weight (you can layer over it), but is not worth the retail of $199.99. The leather has a faux smell, even though it’s real leather, which will dissipate over time. Available on sale in all sizes at Target for $99.98 and in M or L at Kirna Zabete for $99.99.

Target x Altuzarra tray

The tray is extremely well made and worth every bit of the $79.99. Found at Target or Neiman Marcus. The word on the street is that all the designers in the NM x Target collaboration do not want their wares on the sale racks. Anything not sold by early January will be destroyed. Pretty wasteful, eh?

to decorate / target + neiman marcus holiday collection

There are too many designer collaborations these days. To the point that I’m getting a wee bit bored *yawn*. The commercials during Revenge a few weeks back did not help. The collection rolled out at both retailers today. Note, both retailers have a special return policy – items must be returned by January 5, 2013.

  • Shop Target. Target has 2% back through eBates. I am not the biggest fan of shopping (separate shipments with small items in huge boxes). Buggy website. Free shipping over $50. You can return at your local store.
  • Shop Neiman Marcus. NM has 4% back through eBates. NM has a much better shopping experience. They are more sold out than Target, but their site says they will be restocking. Free shipping with code NMFALL. You can return at your local NM, which isn’t as plentiful as Target.


The lookbooks were pretty boring. Upon looking at the sale further, the only items that remotely interested me were the Philip Crangi and Altuzarra home items pictured above. Philip Crangi is the “brother” in Giles & Brother fame.

  • Philip Crangi Frame ($49.99). Buy at Target or Neiman Marcus.
  • Philip Crangi Trinket Box ($69.99). Buy at Target or Neiman Marcus.
  • Altuzarra Tray ($79.99). I love the glass covered faux croc bottom and currently am looking for black/gold items for the apartment. Buy at Target or Neiman Marcus.

All three items are currently sold out at Neiman Marcus right now.

to shop / jason wu and how disappoints

I’m not disappointed specifically at the Jason Wu for Target collaboration, but at in general. I am not close to a Target store, so I rely on for my Target fix.

Image source: Target

Target designer collaborations aren’t anything new. They’ve been around for ages, but Target has made them into a chaotic, overmarketed mess starting at the Missoni for Target collection. What made things worse was that Target decided to bring their e-commerce operations back in-house from Amazon just before the Missoni launch. Has anyone ever heard of Amazon’s servers buckling and their website timing out? No and that is what they are known for. For both Missoni and Jason Wu collection, I secured what I wanted by staying up late and/or waking up early like I’ve always done, but the launch times used to be more precise at midnight PT with Amazon. I think it’s good that Target didn’t announce a launch time. It would’ve led to another massive website crash.

Going forward, here are a few useful things to know for anyone who wants a Target designer item or needs to return:

  • Wake up early or don’t go to bed. If you go to the store, strategize and also go early. There will be a line. Items were slowly released starting at 12:30 ET. I don’t make a habit of buying things for people unless I know they would do it in return. Your laziness = happy wallet.
  • Not everything is sold in stores and online. Some items are online only. Bummer, eh?
  • Read the Facebook page and Twitter beforehand and during. They were already answering questions on sizing. I don’t know when Target created their TargetStyle Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    • Whoever is managing the Twitter account, bless her heart. How many times do you have to repeat yourself? At least the stupidity is limited to 140 characters.
    • The Facebook page was super useful and crowdsourcing at its best. People posted links to items they found and this is how I ended up getting what I wanted. I have no idea how they found the direct links. Proceed with caution with the dumb women who like to complain about things that were their own fault or laziness.
      • On the plus side, if you missed out on something (it seems like all of my girlfriends wanted the navy poplin dress), Target will be restocking.
      • Do I think Target should limit the quantity one purchases? Yes, as long as it is buy size/item and not just by item when you’re unsure on size.
  • Buy multiple sizes if you’re unsure of sizing. It’s always better to be safe and sorry and everything is returnable. XS and S go really fast.
  • On returns. I’ve been shopping at for years. You used to never keep the packaging slip to make returns because you had to go online and print return forms/bar codes. You can still go online and print the forms, but you can use your packaging slip. Regardless, keep your packaging slip. Not everything sells has a tag/stick with the product number and the Target store folks need the number to process the return. Also, their website’s return page often errors out so just mailing it back doesn’t solve the problem. Persistence is key. This is my biggest gripe about Target returns.
  • Check eBay beforehand. Target had a launch party for the industry folks. Whoever attends will almost always post items on eBay. What does this mean? You can see “real life” pictures.
  • Set up your account beforehand. Just because you added something to your cart, doesn’t mean it’s reserved for you (and this doesn’t happen for most sites… only Gilt, Shopbop, and a few others). Make sure your payment/shipping information is up to date.

I went through my RSS reader this afternoon and was thrilled to read a ton of Jason Wu for Target reviews. I am a review junkie and can’t wait to see how the dresses turned out in person. Now, I will sit tight for my items to actually arrive. Another big gripe I have for Target is how un-eco-friendly their shipping is. They love to use huge boxes for tiny items. Quite embarrassing in front of the neighbors…