to shop / {deal alert} target beauty up to 32% off today

The Target beauty department is a whopping 25% off today. Many items are already discounted and have another 10% off code. I’m super excited and stocked up on more Cerave foaming face wash and the highly recommended Pixi Glow Tonic. The tonic was in-store only so I placed an order for pickup. In general, online prices are more competitive and placing an order for in-store pickup is the best of both worlds. One item was only available online and already has a delayed shipping warning!

25% off code: BEAUTY. 10% off code:  SHINE.

to shop / 2015 thanksgiving weekend sales

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas!

Eeeeek. So many sales going on. Every year, the sales get earlier and earlier. Stay strong with your wishlist.

Most stores have something going on this weekend. If you haven’t signed up for their mailing list, check their website or social media. Alas, don’t forget about Cyber Monday. Some shops only do Cyber Monday and not Black Friday; some do both and CM has a better sale ;)

Sales I like, with an emphasis on beauty:

Personally, I’m on a hunt for a good Lenovo laptop (gift), Ren skincare, and maybe some Royal Copenhagen dinnerware if the price is finally right (and it may be at Bloomies).

I will be updating this throughout the weekend and will add a “last updated” time below. The sales definitely run through Friday, and may go until Saturday/Sunday. Sorry, I’m feeling a bit lazy to add in end dates. If you’re reading this later, please check the site before you get too excited!

Published on Thurs, Nov 26 10:52 EST. Last updated on Monday 10:37 EST.