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Once you go Swiss, you never turn back.

My first few pairs of slant tweezers were made by Tweezerman. They worked really well and were made in Switzerland. Then, the quality went down, the level of precision decreased (which, in my opinion, is the most important quality in a pair of tweezers), and it was apparent that they were no longer made in Switzerland.

I moved on to Rubis and I haven’t turned back since! I started with their red Colani tweezers, which come with a cover. I find myself replacing my tweezers every three years (per inspection of purchase history), whether it’s because I misplace or drop them. In recent years, I’ve been loyal to the Rubis 135 slant tweezers. The handle reminds me of a wedge of cheese. I actually really liked the Colani tweezers, but I don’t understand why they are now $34.95 when they were $19.95 in 2006.

If you wonder how much difference a pair of tweezers can make, see the following image which compares the sharpness of the Rubis 135 slant tweezers to the Tweezerman slant tweezers. With cheaper tweezers, I’m often grabbing for a follicle multiple times before succeeding. With Rubis, the follicle comes out in one try. Better performing tweezers cause less stress to your delicate skin. I still keep the Tweezermans around for household activites – there are certain “rough” tasks you should not use Rubis for.

I’ve found the best price for the Rubis 135 slant tweezers on Amazon coupled with free shipping from Amazon Prime for $31.50. I’m a huge fan of Amazon and its free shipping through Prime (join now for a 30 day trial). Sephora tweezers are also manufactured by Rubis, but they are pricier at $40.

I highly recommend purchasing tweezers with American Express. I recently replaced mine because I dropped them on ceramic tiles and both ends were dented, i.e. irreparable. I had them for about 2 months because I accidentally dropped them, again! With American Express Purchase Protection, which comes with most cards, they cover damages incurred within 90 days of purchase. Phew!