to shop / warby parker x maiyet sunglasses

I love these shades from the Warby Parker x Maiyet collaboration. The jet black with pale oystershell is my favorite color of the three available. Best yet, you can fill a prescription and/or Warby replaces scratched lenses for free within a year. They are as wide as my Karen Walkers, but slightly shorter. I’m on vacation (and will definitely be shopping around), so will wait to see if the love for the jet black lasts through the trip!

Oct 25 Update: Black is sold out at Warby but available from Harper’s Bazaar and Maiyet.

Oct 28 Update: Black is back in stock at Warby.

Image: Warby Parker

to shop / warby parker summer crystals

I was in the Warby Parker Soho office for a meeting the other week and checked out the limited edition Summer Crystals collection in the public showroom on the way out. I ended up with the Rafferty Aqua Tonic, which is a unisex style. All orders go through their website and arrive via mail, even if you visit a showroom. As someone who loves sun protection, I still like larger lenses and these are polarized! (Update: Save another 6% with eBates.)

Another candidate that got returned were the Johnny sunglasses from Banana Republic Men. The lenses were too round for my round face.

P.S. The Marc Jacobs 70% off code I posted in June is still live! If you’re a size 7, there is a pair of the band ballerina flats in stock.