to shop / west elm x baggu in metallic!

My love for gold and stripes is nowhere near waning. I love the new updates to the West Elm x Baggu collection!

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Baggu Dipped Tote – Striped ($45, +$7 for monogram). Same dimensions as the popular striped duck bag. Comes in navy stripes dipped in red or gold.

Baggu Dipped Weekender Bag – Striped ($99, +$7 for monogram). Same dimensions as the popular striped weekend bag. Comes in navy stripes dipped in red or gold.

Baggu Dipped Tote ($45, +$7 for monogram). Comes in cream dipped in gold, silver, coral, mint, mustard, gray, navy, or red. You can also find a few of these colors for less on eBay.

to eat / worst buy of the year – west elm rose gold flatware

Updated below…

You remember how I was super excited to finally get the West Elm rose gold flatware? Well, to my extreme disappointment, it tarnishes. It was supposed to be sturdy enough for every day with its plated stainless steel. I’ve been trying to return it but West Elm won’t send return labels and only does UPS pickups. I’m at work during the day, and you know. Note: the rose gold flatware is currently not sold online, but they do have another gold set that has a matte finish.

I eventually bit the bullet and mailed the flatware back to West Elm. I’d only purchased two sets so they conveniently fit in USPS Priority Mail’s padded flat rate envelope (~$6). West Elm proceeded the refund. Finally! Based on comments left on this thread, tarnishing was not isolated to the rose gold set but also the matte gold set. 

Upon further research, I set my eyes on the Portuguese-made matte gold Almoco flatware that is sold at Design Within Reach. Each set is 25% more than West Elm’s, but I found it for a good price nearby (and enjoyed dragging my friends to pick it up with me on an exciting Saturday night). Each set is beautifully packaged in a display box. Each piece is also significant more substantial looking than West Elm. I will review the Almoco after some use…

Almoco Update 1: I’ve been using this set for a while with no complaints. I treat it like my former Ikea set – I’ve left it in the sink with dirty dishes, I’ve run it through the dishwasher (handles down and somewhat dispersed), and I also handwash and set to dry. It still looks like new! I’ve seen it go on sale at Design within Reach but the sales are extremely infrequent.

Almoco Update 2: I’ve been using Almoco for over 2 years. No problems. I hand wash, throw in the dishwasher, or leave them in the sink to soak. If you use the dishwasher, follow their instructions — handles down and disperse. Two thumbs up!

to eat / west elm rose gold flatware

I’m finally graduating from my Ikea flatware. They lasted for 5 years until my summer sublet managed to chip them. I didn’t know that was possible!

Though I haven’t verbalized it here or through my credit card statements, I am really loving West Elm housewares and accessories. I usually take a while to ponder the non-essential apartment purchases and eventually bit the bullet and bought two sets of their rose gold flatware. It cleans well; isn’t high maintenance; has some weight, but not too much; is more gold than rose gold which is fine in my book; and most importantly, brightens my eating experience.

Along with other tableware and linens, the rose gold flatware is 20% off for a limited time and ships free (though much slower than other retailers). If you have American Express Membership Rewards points (that you don’t pay an annual fee for — because if that’s the case you want to save them for airline transfers), you can easily redeem points for a mobile gift card through your American Express iPhone app.

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to shop / baggu x friends

Baggu has gotten so popular since I went to my first sample sale 2+ years ago. I’m still processing what I got at the last sale after standing 1+ hour in the cold ill-dressed, so let’s talk about custom Baggu bags. More forthcoming than most brands, Baggu has a special tumblr, just for their collabs!

These are my fave. See the rest here.

(Image source: Baggu, West Elm, Gap, MOMA)

(1) Baggu for Gap. Custom duck bags. I think these are in-store only. When I saw them in the store last spring, I thought Gap was ripping off Baggu. I’m glad they weren’t!
(2) I <3 NY. Iconic logo. Perfect as a tourist gift.
(3) Baggu for J.Crew. Their first vertical stripe in candy pink. I wish this designs came in the baby size.
(4) Baggu for West Elm. The duck bag looks like a dirt magnet to me. The latex dipped bottom looks like an ideal situation for the germophobic.
(5) Baggu for J.Crew. Anchor print. So prepster.

to shop / west elm x baggu

I get a ton of catalogs and like to flip through them before hitting the recycle bin. I nonchalantly opened the West Elm catalog the other day and was greeted by this West Elm x Baggu creation. They took the popular Duck messenger bag, dipped it in latex, and added a monogram. As someone who was previously adverse to the Duck because the thought of canvas getting dirty when placed on the ground, the latex dipping is perfect.

(Image source: West Elm)

I love it! So many choices… it comes in graphite (light gray), navy, orange, red, and teal (looks more like ocean blue). At $45, it looks like a very practical gift. Monogramming is another $7. I hope West Elm has a good Cyber Monday code…