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What I read about:

  • Alison Roman going after WOC (Chrissy Teigen, Marie Kondo). Here’s a recap and her apology. (Sorry, I’m a week behind on posting, not reading!)

What I made:

  • Dominique Ansel Gâteau au Yaourt. I made it with strawberries and in a muffin tray. (Recipe here but also recommend watching his Instagram post.) I didn’t love it.
  • DIY Meet Fresh grass jelly signature. I made grass jelly (grass jelly powder and Knox gelatin) and boiled frozen sweet potato and taro balls from 99 Ranch. Way cheaper and healthier (less sugar) than the real thing! If I had made grass jelly ice, it would’ve been more authentic.
  • Trader Joe’s ube mochi waffles (as pictured above). Their new seasonal pancake and waffle mix has been so popular that it dragged me to a TJ after not going for months. If this is the only item you want, I recommend calling ahead and asking because I heard the Bay Area locations are sold out. My location was sold out of the ube ice cream. Tip: if you love the mochi texture, make the waffle even more ‘q’ by substituting half of the recommend ube mix for tapioca flour. I also added a pinch of baking soda, even though it’s in the mix.
    • Waffle maker recommendation: I love waffles but never made them before. I bought the Dash mini waffle maker in mint green. If you aren’t familiar with Dash, they have many super affordable kitchen electronics in a rainbow of colors. This is perfect for my household as I’m the only one into waffles and the machine is so tiny and easy to store. (Purchase at Target, Amazon. It’s been selling out!)

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to cook / zingerman’s and pasta

An ex-roommate introduced me to Zingerman’s, a gourmet food heaven, via a birthday gelato delivery. I have never been to Ann Arbor (and probably won’t have a reason to ever go), but Zingerman’s has managed to make me salivate over their hand drawn catalogs. The catalogs are educational on how to best use their products. I usually place an order once a year during their summer sale (which is going on now, end date unknown) and I do some research on what’s worth getting from Z’s. I highly recommend signing up for the catalog because often you will get an additional 10% code around sale time.

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to cook / caramelized brussel sprouts and pancetta

I bought brussel sprouts from FreshDirect and some pancetta (with rosemary) from Whole Foods. When I googled for a recipe, Scott Conant’s caramelized brussel sprouts and pancetta was one of the first recipes to show up. I improvised it a little by cutting out the sun-dried tomatoes. I also added garlic (yum!). Since I also had some green cauliflower to cook, I made a batch with that afterwards. I was going to add some pine nuts as that was finishing, but I just realized I forgot!

Overall the brussel sprouts were a great success. The cauliflower still tastes WAY better when roasted, but I’m lazy about using my oven since I also use it as kitchen storage. My Nest candle is furiously burning away now — I should’ve started that earlier to cut the smell.

First, the final product. Then, the process. My under cabinet kitchen light died, so the lighting for most pictures leaves much to be desired. Can’t wait to have a real kitchen one day! My range is approximately the width of a 10″ pan and a 3 qt pot. Y’all with real kitchens don’t have an excuse.

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