to shop / chanel price increases

The luxury market has been exploding in recent years. Despite raising prices 1-2x an year, Louis Vuitton and Chanel has no trouble selling out of certain styles.

The timing was right when I got my Chanel classic medium flap bag in caviar black last summer. I was lucky because I didn’t have to pay retail :) (don’t ask how) and it was strategically planned before the hefty August price increase. I keep an eye on the Chanel price increases – not that I plan to purchase another Chanel bag in the near future – but I’m a numbers person.

Here’s a brief timeline of the price hike over the years. Research was done mostly on thefashionspot and TPF. I can’t imagine how much this bag was in 1992, when I first wanted it.

  • August 2005 – $1475
  • December 2006 – $1595
  • March 2007 – $1995
  • June 2009 – $2395
  • July 2010 – $2695
  • August 2010 – $3400
  • June 2011 – $3900

Pretty ridiculous, huh? Chanel is successfully getting out of reach…

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