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I am not the biggest fan of wedding registries. I’m always excited when I think of an off-registry ‘perfect gift’ — an orange Moroccan pouf was one for a 2012 bride (and irenelikes reader)!

I started developing a gold craze last quarter… I could’ve been boring and gotten the matching ottoman for my leather couch for an L shaped configuration, but it was expensive (especially since I got custom leg replacements) and boring. Then the stars aligned in my head and I decided I wanted a gold ottoman to warm up the modern (and cold) elements of my black and cream living room. It’s slowly getting there and I’m ecstatic to finally be able to put up my feet.

This pouf was purchased from an Amazon marketplace seller. I got another discount because there were a few tiny flaws when it arrived. Amazon has decent prices. If you purchase from it, make sure you read reviews for the different sellers and differentiate between stuffed/unstuffed. It compliments my Target x Altuzarra tray perfectly (which I’ve put on a stand to act as a side table).


Top: Design within Reach Platner coffee table ($1,421), Bottom: Stainless Steel Coffee Table from the Foundary ($477)

The photo quality of the Foundary table isn’t great, but it looks just like the DWR one in person. And that’s how I convinced myself it was ok to buy this blindly online. I have a typical small NYC apartment. During my coffee table search, I was looking for a glass or acrylic coffee table because they evoke airiness. While I would’ve preferred something with gold accents, all of the ones I liked were way out of my price range. I subscribe to many flash sale websites but don’t check them daily. I found this coffee table back in October, thanks to CopyCatChic.

If you are in the market for a coffee table, the sale is open for another half a day. It comes shipped in two packages. It’s best to have moving gloves on hands (splintery wood is used in the packaging), cash (to tip the delivery folks to carry it up x flights of stairs), and some strength (to rip open the crate). Here’s a grainy pic of my table after I “assembled” it.

Pretty early on in the decorating process, I decided I wanted a striped rug. I had my eyes on the Ikea Stockholm Rand, which is a knockoff of a much more expensive designer, but it was hard to nail down in stock. And I wasn’t sure if I liked flatwoven. In design blogger reviews, it looked thin and wrinkly. Upon Googling the Ikea one, I found the Rugs USA Homespun Blocks Navy Rug. It was on backorder for ages, but I finally got it right after Sandy! The price dropped so I ended up with two, but shipping back the more expensive one via UPS was pretty cheap since the warehouse is in Long Island, NY. The rug is manufactured by Nuloom and is so plush and soft. I’m also not that bothered by the navy versus black since the stripe is pretty dark.

My size is OOS, but other sizes are available for 75% off through today. In fact, most of the rugs are 75% off. My friend tipped me off that the sheepskin rugs are back in stock to order (even though it’s backordered until late Dec…). With the 75% off discount, the price is so affordable you can’t justify going for a faux one from Ikea!


(top, bottom left, bottom right)

Visions of a rich, buttery caramel leather butterfly chair draped in white fur

(left, right)

Ideas for the chair:

(From left to right)

I work well on deadlines. Well, it’s not much of a choice when you just have too much going on, especially with work. (My life is not my own.) I probably wouldn’t have anything on my wall if it weren’t for a scheduled housewarming party. I remember my friend C helping me as I was nailing everything up an hour before the party!

I’d framed a few photos I’d taken earlier in the summer  in Prague, Brugge, Paris, London, and Dubrovnik — I had crazy traveling schedule that summer! Prints were from a printing shop around the corner and frames are from IKEA. The Ribba to be exact. Not all sizes are shown online. I ended up getting Ribba frames for almost all of my prints/photos. I recently bought two prints from etsy to refresh the frames.

I also have the gorgeous and intricate Tord Boontje Until Dawn curtain in white hanging in one corner of my room. At $145, I didn’t quite jump to buy it, but I happened to see it on clearance a few months earlier at a Taipei boutique department store (in The Mall on Dunghwa S Rd). I think it was 75% off and since it was the same amount of effort to hand-carry one home from Taipei as it was to carry two, I bought two, eBayed one, and broke even.

Moving on to prints I’ve bought and framed, but have yet to break out the hammer and nails, or have yet to mat and frame:

.: For Like Ever :.

I was an avid reader of the now deceased Domino magazine and this poster has made its rounds on the design blogs as well. They printed tons more — the first one I got was accidentally thrown out by the cleaning lady and then it sold out on website. I ended up finding it at another boutique. At 24″ by 36″, this isn’t the easiest print to frame. Thanks to my laziness, I never got around to getting a quote from a frame shop and picked up a Ribba on my recent trip to IKEA for mission PS Sinka. I’d grabbed a few extra frames because I didn’t have cellphone reception in the showroom and most of the warehouse. I might do a custom mat due to its size. Not sure yet…

Image source: Domino mag.

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This is my first “to decorate” post, because I’m super slow with home to-do’s…

The Ikea PS Sinka cabinet has been written up in various interior design magazines and blogs. It debuted in the Spring of 2009. I’d been wanting this PS collection piece after seeing it featured on various design blogs, but it was hard to procure — it wasn’t sold at all Ikeas and stock was limited.

Image source: Ikea

Image source

Image source

Image source: Lotta Agaton via style-files

Image source: Elle Interior Sweden via style-files

I had a slight panic attack last week when I clicked on my Ikea PS Sinka bookmark (as I have been doing for an year) and saw that it was no longer found! If you’re in the New York area, this item is only carried at the Long Island and Paramus, NJ locations. I found the article number through Google cache (801.415.91) and was ecstatic when 7 units were reported through Paramus’ phone inventory system. In my experience, “7” means a strong likelihood that you’d find one in stock. In actuality, there were 2 in stock when I stopped by near closing time.

If you’ve had your eye on this piece, don’t wait. There were reports in the European Ikeas that this item was discontinued an year ago. And I think it is getting discontinued here. The product page getting pulled from the Ikea site should be the first sign. And the item getting marked down to $149 from $249 should be the second.

Also to note, this item comes in two boxes of solid birch wood. They total 100 lbs. It took me a while to get them up my sixth floor walkup and thank goodness my roommate was able to help me. It’s been a while since I assembled anything from Ikea. I’m 1/3 way through and am afraid I need to take a break before I haul everything up and continue on the seventh floor!