to travel / flight 001 f1 spacepak set review

Image source: Flight 001

As a bagaholic, I like compartmentalizing everything in my suitcase. It prevents or minimizes accidents. This Flight 001 set is the second packing cube set I’ve owned and definitely the prettiest. (In case you were wondering, this was the first set and served its purpose many summers ago for a 7 week trip.) Flight 001 is very well made, but a bit pricey.

I got this colored Spacepak set for 50% off thanks to Lucky Breaks (they still exist!) and brought it on a recent 10 day trip. (Note: There are videos on some of the product pages.)

  • Spacepak Clothes (blue) fit all of my clothes and could’ve fit some more. It boasts that it can fit two weeks of clothing, but reminder: it compresses volume, not weight. I had a separate Baggu flat zipper bag for undies and slips. I appreciated how well organized my wardrobe was during the trip across three destinations. It didn’t prevent wrinkles to some items but they fell out after I hung it up and wore it. I didn’t use the “laundry” side – there was another Baggu for that! It would be a challenge to pack for two weeks during cold weather.
  • Spacepak Shoe (green) fit a pair of heels, a pair of wedges, and two pairs of sandals. Did I bring more shoes than that? Yes, but I used a Baggu zippered bag.
  • Spacepak Mini Toiletry (orange) fit half of my toiletries. At the time of packing I was in the mood to bring multiple moisturizers, lip products, hair products, masks, etc. And since I was packing last minute, I didn’t want to spend time scooping and squeezing things into travel containers. I have no regrets, but did have second thoughts after a trip to City Pharma in Paris since I wasn’t flying on my prefered airline with more baggage allowance. However, don’t be fooled by the word “mini”. I think it works well for the typical non-product junkie individual.

All above bags come in one larger pouch. I packed all of these in my check-in Bric’s (similar) luggage. It would be a much tighter squeeze in a carryon suitcase.

Since Gilt City has a good promotion and I had an additional 30% off code, I got the Mister two items:

  • Spacepak Suiter garment bag folds very compactly and is soft so it doesn’t count as a carryon item. It’s ideal if you’re traveling and need a suit and 2 shirts, or a few dresses. Beyond that, you’ll need something larger.
  • Spacepak Toiletry is indeed much more spacious than my mini toiletry bag and comes with a hanger that folds in when not in use.

Gilt City‘s sale runs through next Tuesday, August 25 and the actual code expires in a few months. For $50, you get $100 worth of credit at Flight 001 for Flight 001 branded merchandise. $80 gets you $160. If you have any codes from Gilt City it would stack on top of that. I got my code 75 minutes after I placed my order. If you want the items in the Spacepak set above, the set makes the most economical sense. I considered other Spacepak items in addition to the set but decided not to get them because I have bags and pouches for those purposes. (Sadly the Baggu style I commonly use for traveling is discontinued. This large flat zip bag is the closest thing I can find… good thing I have many.)

Flight 001 products can also be found at Nordstrom, Shopbop/East Dane, and Amazon third party sellers.

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