to shop / clare vivier sales

1) As mentioned here, Nonchalant Mom still has Grande Pochettes on sale for $100. See ’em all here.

2) Get 20% off at Of a Kind with code OFAKINDLOVESOHJOY through Dec 19, which includes the limited editions of Clare Vivier mini sac messenger bag ($173) and coin purse ($54) in cheetah suede. Check it out here.

3) Eaton Trading Company has 36% off everything for today only. Price as marked. Their CV collection.

to shop / clare vivier pochettes, the cheetah suede collection, and more

1) Nonchalant Mom has discounted their Clare Vivier Grande Pochettes to $100 from $170! I totally want a gold one, buuut I don’t need it (practicing some self control). I hope someone takes advantage of their “favorite thing of the week” promotion. See ’em all here.

2) Of a Kind released a Clare Vivier special edition yesterday. The mini sac messenger bag ($173) and coin purse ($54) comes in cheetah suede (which I personally find much more likeable than calf hair). There are only 200 “of a kind”. Check it out here.

3) New online store, Wconcept, has a promotion through December 7. 10% off $100+, 20% off $200+, and 30% off $300+. They have loads of Clare Vivier clutches and some messenger bags. Other brands to check out are PLAY Comme des Garcons (including wallets!) and Saint James tees.

to shop / get clare vivier sac bretelle, messenger, or clutch for less through R29 reserve

Refinery29’s deal site, R29 Reserve, has a deal at Eaton Trading Co.: Spend $100 for $200 worth or credit, or $150 for $300. If you plan it well, it is effectively 50% off. Best yet, they have Clare Vivier, APC, WANT les Essentiels de la Vie to name a few brands (in both men and women’s). The deal dies on Monday, May 14, and the CV stock has already been dwindling. Now, I don’t need any more CV, but if you do, be sure to check out this promotion and read the fine print!

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to shop / hidden treasure: forever 21 beaded accessories

I’m a big junkie. There are some well organized stores (like Times Square in New York), but I hate the crowds. When you shop online, you get pristine inventory and cash refunds when you mail back returns. I go through splurts when I actually like their stuff with the peak being the warmer months. I bundle orders together to return — sometimes in a big USPS flat rate box since they are all the way on the other coast. I justify the return costs with the cost of the items. They really are cheap and going to the store may cost money too. Most importantly, I always rather get cash back than credit. Besides, if you use credit on an order and then return it, it gets messy. Over the years, I’ve returned a ton but found a few loves. In general, their accessories are dirt cheap and the quality reflects that, but I was quite surprised by their new beaded accessories:

I received the bead & sequin stripe clutch in the mail the other day and was impressed with the workmanship. It is a pricier item at $22.80. The tag states it was made in India. There was some glue smell so I left it out to air for a week and the smell is now gone. Don’t be fooled by the stock photos. I’d thought there was a ombre blue scheme going on, but both sides are solid navy stripes. It’s a slim clutch so you can’t fit much. I’ve been pretty preoccupied in my spare time, but may take a few IRL pictures soon. I’ve also been tempted by this bubble gum pink beaded clutch and by this shade of pink in general, but have been resisting so far because I never wear this color.

I also love this simple beaded collar necklace. Based on my experience with the clutch, I’d expect this one not to disappoint either!

Update: Here’s a new beaded clutch that is very Missoni.

to shop / striped clare vivier on sale

If you haven’t noticed by now, Anthropologie rolls out markdowns on Tuesdays. Two of their striped Clare Vivier styles have been marked down:

I believe both are Anthropologie exclusives. The clutch is still available online as of press time, but the tote is sold out since it’s been on sale for a while. You can always try calling Anthropologie and ask them to do a search.

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