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(1) I love bringing Suja Mighty Greens juice to work in a S’well bottle, since it stays chilled. The extra large bottle from Costco is reasonably cheap and it lasts us for a few days. We grab a few bottles every time we go to Costco. You can find the S’well bottles here and here. I have a 9 oz for juice and a 17 oz gold one for water, which always gets comments.

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COS has a sale at the end of every season. It’s currently an extra 20% off (price as marked), which means it’s on its last leg and can disappear at any time. I rarely shop COS at full-price, especially since COS opened in the US, but they have a lot of LBDs that are well priced compared to Ann Taylor or J.Crew. Generally, I prefer to COS fit over an awkward J.Crew fit (you know what I’m talking about). I also love how there are no final sales, because I do return a lot. Sizing for lettered sizes tend to be more generous than numbers. And read the descriptions – they will indicate if it is an oversized fit.

Image source: COS

(L to R) Sale colors may be sold out (they recycle designs and will change the color each season) and was overall at least 60% off.

  • Textured Knit Cardigan in Indigo. Love the bubble-like texture which has a little bit more volume with no added weight. It could work as a light spring jacket. Great for layering at the office.
  • Wool Dress with Silk Sleeves in Taupe. The body of the dress is boiled wool and the sleeves are silk. Good weight, especially on top of tights.
  • Layered Wool Cape in Navy. Runs big. I think I’ve finally found a cape that works? It’s unobtrusive and not too heavy.
  • Dropped Shoulder Top (not pictured). Runs big and if your office isn’t too formal, it layers well on top of skirts/pants.


COS and & Other Stories are in their former sister’s H&M space at 42nd St and Fifth Avenue and opened in late October 2015. I was crossing Midtown one evening and conveniently ended up at 43rd and Fifth. How could I resist the new COS? COS occupies most of the ground floor and is laid out like any other COS store. It has women’s and men’s. My guess is that this location is larger than the Soho location (not that I have any inclination to visit).

I quickly skimming the store. I saw iterations of a prior season item, like this a-line wool coat in two new colors (I have it in black, it runs big) and the dotted wool dress (substantial weight). Also saw a men’s mac jacket that was half price online two weeks ago now being sold at full price. No sale in progress here or online. The dressing room corridor looked spacious.

505 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017
NE corner of 42nd St and Fifth Ave
Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00 / Sun 11:00-20:00

I absolutely adore COS (Collection of Style) — it’s up there in my top 3. I’ve gotten a ton of wear from my collection of navy or black dresses from the spring to roughly about now. If this keeps up, I will need to sell the rest of my closet — my collection of COS dresses get pretty close to a capsule wardrobe and since it’s pretty neutral, I don’t get sick of it. Also, almost all of the dresses I bought are washed in the machine on delicate cycle, then hung dry. There’s only one that needs pressing… so gets a little less wear. Low dry cleaning bill makes me a happy camper.

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Image source: Nordstrom

Image source: COS

Some of these items come in other colors, but of course I picked my favorite colors to display here.

Split Back Dress ($63) / Pleated Shirt Dress (back shown) ($38) / Dress with Caped Back* (back shown) ($27) / Tie Back Dress** ($27)
A-line Dress ($30) / Oversized Jersey Top ($15) / Striped Cotton Top ($30) / Silk Front Jersey Top ($50) / Layered Dress ($30)

COS has marked down its sale items! COS is one of my favorite stores, yet I’ve never blogged about it. I discovered it in Munich back in ’08 when I was on vacation and dragged my friend there for an hour every night (after sightseeing) until closing time. Why an hour? Because I like completeness and I needed repeat trips to fawn over everything. I consider the style to be clean, relaxed, and casual elegance. While their US online store has been open since May, I find their sizing inconsistent and prefer the in-store experience, and have never ordered online prior to this sale. Items in the store are organized by color and nicely styled whereas the online store takes a Zara approach. Everything looks so boxy and miss some defining details! I wouldn’t have considered some of the dresses below had I not seen it in person and specifically looked for it online. I make it a point to visit a COS whenever I’m out of town — Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Barcelona, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore — and am happy to see some of the styles I was fawning over in April and July in Asia have been drastically reduced. The US store is scheduled to open in December in NYC.

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The Gold Choker

Are chokers making a comeback? I have flashbacks from the late 90s with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

COS Matte Gold Choker (€29) vs. Forever 21 Graduated Choker ($5.80)

When I was at COS in Paris, I picked up this matte gold choker. I used to go crazy with their accessories but have learned to tone it down a bit. Overall, I’ve significantly toned down my shopping on this trip to the point where I have no VAT tax to claim back. The “splurge” was the pharmacy goods. You can find a similar graduated choker at Forever 21 in gold or rose gold for much less. If you’re worried about tarnishing, swipe the underside with a coat of clear nail polish.

The Dark Leopard Print Jean

As mentioned here.

Joe’s Jeans Leopard Print Ankle Legging Jean ($75.60 on sale) vs. Old Navy Rockstar Animal-Print Jeans ($22, before additional discounts)

The delicate embroidered blouse

Dolce Vita Deirdra Lace Top ($198, also known as the Sagiso on Anthropologie and currently available in mint for $168) vs. Forever 21 Eyelet Embroidered Top ($27.80, in cream – selling out quickly – and blue) (Update: The F21 top quality is extremely lacking — they used crochet for the detail…)

If you like the look, Dolce Vita also has a dress under the style name Valentina that has made its way around the blogosphere. Find it here and here (in sale colors).

The Leather Fringe Skirt

When I went to Giverny this summer to visit Monet’s gardens, there was a woman in her 50s who was tastefully dolled up in a black leather fringe skirt, long beaded necklaces, tights, and a leather jacket. Since she is French, she pulled it off very well.

Chan Luu Leather Fringe Skirt ($91.60 from $298) vs. Forever 21 Faux Leather Fringe Skirt ($24.80)

While I love lace, polka dots, and marinière stripes, my love for the former two are waning. I think stripes are the most versatile print of the three. I think I’m far from getting sick of stripes — I picked up five striped tops in Paris! Each interpretation was so unique. Look how cheerful a striped tee makes an outfit.

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