to eat / what i ate recently (more LA)

More LA… Urth Caffe, Umami Burger, Lark Cake Shop, and a wedding.

Urth Caffe – I met M at her new (to me) home on a sunny Saturday morning. I rarely get up before noon on a Saturday but had to in order to “fit” everyone into my schedule. After admiring the many designer chairs, we walked over to the Melrose location of this popular cafe. The sun was shining a bit too brightly for this pale-faced Asian, so I hid in the shade. Their tea lattes looked very popular, so I started with a green tea latte.

I got the “eggs verde” egg dish, which consisted of poached eggs over arugula, roasted corn, baby tomatoes, and asparagus. The salad was so fresh and delicious!

The line to order snaked around the cake/pie case. Their cake/pies are massive (think Cheesecake Factory grandness). You think I could pass it up? We shared a slice of the coconut custard pie. Delish.

Umami Burger – It was my last few hours of freedom. J and I grabbed lunch at the popular Umami Burger in Los Feliz. We started out with ginger beer and root beer.

The interior had an industrial, Japanese schoolhouse vibe.

J got the truffle burger with truffle cheese and glaze.

A special of the day was the “hog heaven” which had a pork belly patty, bacon, spicy aioli, crushed avocado, and Cippolino onions. I had a filling breakfast so had to go with the classic Umami burger.

We also shared truffle cheese fries…

After lunch, we cruised around the Silverlake area for a bit. We didn’t have too much time to kill because our Umami orders took forever (due to technical computer ordering difficulties), I had a wedding to get ready for, and we had to plan around traffic. I hate LA traffic. We passed by some places on my list and logically eliminated the list to this cake shop. (E.g. Mohawk General Store – I can shop online, Food Lab – eh, just a nice food shop, Lamill Coffee – we’ll get it at Lark, etc.) 

Lark Cake Shop – This is an adorable shop with plenty of variety – cakes, cupcakes, icebox cakes, cookies, cream puffs, brittle, etc. The staff was really sweet while I hemmed and hawed at what to get. Note: there are also really pretty letterpressed birthday cards for sale.

I loved the wall decor.

I tried one of these – very fresh and not too sweet.

Our victims. J had a birthday to celebrate. I got the last ginger (!) icebox cupcake (!) for later.

A brief non-food piece: The wedding was at a beautiful Spanish-style house in La Habra Heights with a view of the city and Catalina Island. It was a super romantic night and I couldn’t be happier for the newlywed couple! (The pics were taken from my BB because I managed to forget my point and shoot AND DSLR 25 minutes into my drive. Oops.)

I really hate how my trips to LA are always so rushed. I’m sure my friends would agree that I should visit again (or more often)! ;) How did so many friends end up in LA all of a sudden?

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