to shop / clare vivier la tropezienne brown leather tote review

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One of my first posts was about Clare Vivier. Fast forward four years and I’m still as big of a fan of Clare Vivier as the day I “met” her bags. My first and favorite piece is the La Tropezienne, or “La Trop”. It is still a signature piece in her collection. It is made of thick leather that is hand-dyed that has a beautiful patina with age. It originally came in brown with short handles but has since come out in black, navy, and white and in two handle lengths. I’m not a brown person but can’t resist the caramel, rich hue (which is also why I caved in a second to these Portugal-made loafers from Emerson Fry).

I have three La Trops – two brown ones (both handle lengths) and a black with short handles, with a white on the way. And am thinking about downsizing. I go through handbag phases and currently am using the long-handled brown tote. The design has changed slightly since its inception. The straps are now sewn down and also have another reinforcement stitch below the goldware. The interior is unlined and does not have any pockets, which I prefer as I usually load it up with smaller Clare Vivier pouches and/or Baggus. I do not put anything super heavy in it – perhaps my DSLR and lenses are the heaviest items I can recall. I do find the long handles to be much more convenient. It doesn’t stand up on its own unless you have substantial contents in it, which I have no problems with, but is often a criticism I see when I read reviews online.

Clare Vivier inception – wallet in a clutch in a La Trop!

I have an extensive Clare Vivier shopping directory here, but here are some sale highlights for the La Trop. It retails for $386/409 as of press time (short handle/long handle). (Hint: there are some pretty good non-La Trop CV deals out there, if you follow my directory.)

The best selection is available at Clare Vivier’s own website: short handle/long handle.


One thought on “to shop / clare vivier la tropezienne brown leather tote review”

  1. If only I had seen your post in July! I am looking for a brown La Trop in the longer handle length, but the retail price is beyond my budget. Please let me know if you have any leads on a discounted one! Pre-owned would be fine too. Many thanks!

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