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Updated March 2, 2016.

Image source: Bloomingdale’s

Some time over the late spring, Longchamp replaced the Planetes line with the Le Pliage Neo. I saw it at duty free and compared it to my own Planetes. The new line is glossier, satin like, less thick and stiff (not in a good way), and more casual – all of which I do not like. Planetes has always been my favorite line, so this is a bit upsetting. At first the new line looked appealing because the two smaller sizes come with a detachable shoulder strap, until you realize the strap is unadjustable. Though Planetes is going away, I’ve been using my large Planetes bag in black for 6 years and don’t plan on replacing it any time soon or hoarding another.

If you cannot live without yours, best stock up on another. Fortunately, you can still find Planetes at, bagshop, or Longchamp outlet stores (but don’t expect clearance prices). Seasonal colors are scarce. (March 2015 edit: Bloomingdales sold out. Bagshop has the large one in stock.)

You can check out the new Le Pliage Neo and decide for yourself whether you like it. (Although I must admit the polka dot style is cute…)

Image source: Nordstrom

In the U.S., you can find Longchamp at:

  • – Largest selection, but I find the website hard to navigate. Once I ordered during a sale and it took them weeks to recognize that an item was out of stock.
  • Nordstrom – Free shipping and amazing customer service. Participates in seasonal sales. Good photos of bags on models.
  • Bloomingdales – Free shipping typically for orders over $150. Participates in seasonal sales. Sometimes it is excluded from sitewide promotions/friends and family discounts.
  • Neiman Marcus – Generally free shipping (look at the top of the page) and is included in discounts/promotions.
  • Sands Point Shop – I used to shop when they were known as Magnums. Free shipping and no tax outside of NY State.
  • Bagshop – Longchamp is excluded from promotions. Free shipping over $75. Has discontinued colors/styles.

And you can definitely expect cost savings if you buy it in France and meet the tax refund minimum.

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