five things (hill house home, nodpod, shark wandvac, skincare routine, wagyu curry)

Hill House Home dropped their latest navy tartan, the Iris Tartan. I got a preview of the Iris Tartan, as I had ordered the Ellie in the “original” tartan a few months back and it was oversold. They offered this as a replacement and while it isn’t that similar to the original Navy Tartan (now referred to as the Holiday Navy Tartan), it was close enough. The Iris Tartan is billed as an all-year tartan. The plaid print is a little brighter and larger scale, and the material is thinner. I like the Caroline style, so I got that and the shorter Katherine. The Ellie had some anti-slip material inside of the shoulder straps that I hadn’t seen in prior Ellies (and because of that wouldn’t recommend the dryer).

Images: HHH

The NodPod Weighted Eye Mask has been a recent indulgence. It helps me fall asleep more deeply (although I typically sleep well), especially if I get waken up from the neighboring construction noise. It’s great with AirPods. I got mine from Anthropologie and it’s a lighter shade (pink). The darker colors would be better for those that are more sensitive to light. They are 50% on GMA Deals through tonight. Otherwise, I recommend Anthropologie with a sitewide discount.

Image: Anthropologie

Shark Wandvac One of our favorite home purchases of 2020. It is cord-free handheld vacuum, strong, has attachments for a more targeted clean, and so convenient for quick cleanups. I got the WV201 model from Amazon. Not sure how different the WV200 model is from Walmart, which is much cheaper.

Image: Amazon

Skincare Routine. Working from home has meant time for a relaxed skincare routine in the morning and being intentional with finishing up products. It helps to put everything in my routine in a Muji container. My skin has gotten so soft after a few tweaks* and I think it’s mainly due to these products:

Note 1: Duty free deals and value sets for the luxury skincare items!

Note 2: For Korean products, I stay away from Amazon unless the brand sells directly on it. I purchase from Sokoglam or Peach and Lily (US distributors) during a sale, Costco, or a Korean e-tailer like Jolse (tip: they have free shipping promotions) or SweetCorea.

CHEF HOONI KIM‘s wagyu beef curry was the best thing I ate this week. For those in the New York City area, Hanjan delivers weekly to the surrounding area. The meal kit menu changes every week and the curry can be an add-on. It was our first time ordering the meal kit and it’s a good portion size.

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