to decorate / purging inside the apartment

Petit Bateau mouse, Muji CD player

I love Craigslist. I found a roommate, apartments, couch, a CB2 acrylic console table, an IKEA floor mirror that IKEA itself refuses to deliver, Domino magazine back issues, etc. I also flipped tickets, said couch (pre-BB days) accidentally for 200%, a new Tumi suitcase, etc. Tastes change and I love how your trash can be someone else’s treasure (the proverb sounds better in Chinese). I haven’t come across any psychos or creatures yet. I do always google and Facebook search the buyer or seller. There is a part of me that is still pretty trusting. Apartment Therapy recently ran this post on used furniture and the comments make my skin crawl! You have to always trust your gut. My ex-roommate went to some extremes to conceal her identity which were hilarious (to me anyways) when conducting transactions.

I’d already done a round on Chilewich tiles, picture frames, and some superfluous furniture on Craigslist. Since I take pretty good care of most of my things, in most instances I came close to breaking even. Let’s face it – it’s usually easier for someone to carry something away rather than have to dispose of it yourself.

Recently, I finally got rid of an deluxe air mattress that I slept on for most of August and my tufted headboard (pictured above). I say finally because there were naturally low ball offers or non-committal folks. Luckily I had time to wait for the right buyer to come along. I have fond memories of stalking this headboard online (it kept on going out of stock) and carrying it and the accompanying bedframe up 7 flights of stairs by myself. After 6.5 years, there was barely any wear but it no longer went with my new bedroom layout. I was happy to recoup 50% of my “investment”. Not bad, eh? Now, it’s back to the drawing board… I am craving a white iron headboard like this, but I might go with nothing.

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