to eat / {my east village} van leeuwen & big gay ice cream

I love ice cream. When I heard E 7th St was getting not one, but TWO, ice cream shops, I thought to myself once again, I love my neighborhood.

Van Leeuwen is a little further away and outside of from my area of frequent movement. After my experience, it’ll be a while before I return. VL ice cream is still good on its own and you can also buy it at Whole Foods. My advice is to stay away from the hot fudge. There was a weird waxy, unmelted texture going on and I got sick from it.

Big Gay Ice Cream started out as a truck. I’d only been to the truck once and the lines were horrendous. I was ecstatic when they decided to open a storefront really close to me. They had a Groupon that forced me to eat there more often then I preferred, so I visited it frequently. The lines were long when the shop just opened, but they have died down. Also, their staff is super friendly. I witnessed a proposal here. The last time I popped in, I got a salty pimp for free. I have no idea why none of the other patrons wanted a freebie. Not pictured are the ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery, which will be another post. I’m no ice cream sandwich connoisseur, but these were the best I’ve ever tasted!

  • My top recs are the sundaes and the ice cream sandwiches. I like the spicy hot fudge.
  • I advise studying the menu before visiting as the store layout is not slow decisionmaking-friendly.
  • Subscribe to their Facebook/Twitter for specials and updates.

Some pictures with commentary. Please note that the following items were consumed across a span of four months.

The menu that changes – and has changed a bit since it opened.

Don’t miss the sparkly unicorn wall decor.

The first item I got from the shop… the Salty Pimp (Vanilla Ice Cream, Dulce de Leche, Sea Salt, Chocolate Dip).

I think the SP is not as well executed as it was on the truck. It’s not dipped far enough so it is a melty mess. Get a tray!

This is the Monday Sundae (Twist Ice Cream, Nutella Lined Waffle Cone, Dulce de Leche, Sea Salt,  Whipped Cream). I guess I should mention that this was my post-gym dinner.

This is the Apple Gobbler (Vanilla Ice Cream, Apple Butter, Crushed Graham Crackers, Whipped Cream).

This is one of two of my most unfavorite items on the menu. American Globs comes with Vanilla Ice Cream, Pretzels, and Chocolate Dip. My other unfavorite is the Bea Arthur. I don’t like the dry texture.

This was a custom sundae… Twist Ice Cream with Spicy Fudge (not spicy at all!) and Whipped Cream.

One thought on “to eat / {my east village} van leeuwen & big gay ice cream”

  1. i like how you qualified your photos that it was taken over the span of four months. because i was going to say… irene! that’s a lot of ice cream! but looks so good. your food entries make me hungry.

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