to shop / repetto sales (as of 2012.07.05)

Update: See the Repetto shopping directory post and other recent posts for updated information.

I’m currently in Paris and visited the Repetto stock (outlet) shop and the flagship store, back to back. In France, stores are legally allowed sales twice an year and it is currently soldes season (the other being in January). Sales can be as measly as 20-30% off but the folks and tourists here go bonkers. Prices at both locations were similar and way more than I’m used to paying (120+ euros) for the most part. If there is one pair left at the outlet, the price was 60e. I will be adding photos of the visit at a later date.

Here is an update on the current online sale inventory. I’m still Repetto-ed out. I wanted a pair of the Flora cap toes but what I want doesn’t seem to be available this season… and then I reminded myself that I still have a pair of cap toes flats from Jil Sander that is waiting to be soled =P Overall, the styles that are available aren’t as classic.

50% is the discount du jour. All of these places have a decent amount of styles and sizes:

Not quite at 50% off:

And for those who don’t care about discounts, these sites have the most classic styles:

2 thoughts on “to shop / repetto sales (as of 2012.07.05)”

  1. Where is the Repetto outlet shop in Paris? I love to visit the shop next time I am in Paris.

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