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My favorite clothing purchase of the season is the Baukjen Maryna Blazer. A long time ago, I blogged about my search for the perfect, affordable navy blazer. I was inspired by the effortlessly chic (well a editor’s clothing allowance does help in the effortless part) Emmanuelle Alt, who is pictured in Balmain below. I loved the feminine take on the military look and the gold buttons.

I looked for a while but it’s hard to find a blazer that is double breasted, yet fitted and flattering to curves. Isabella Oliver is behind Baukjen (and just relaunched it from the 365 name this year). IO is a maternity brand, and obviously knows a thing or two about dressing the real woman.

The Maryna Blazer isn’t navy, but it’s in my other favorite neutral – black – and it’s in ponte. At first glance, the price of $289 was too high for me. I pinned it and went on my merry way. Then DailyCandy Deals had a 65% deal on this random brand and I randomly happened to stumble on it. Baukjen also runs promotions pretty often and they are stackable with gift certificate codes.

The fit is true to size and similar to J.Crew. The quality is excellent. I do wish they had petite sizing – the sleeves are too long and it doesn’t look like an easy alteration. I flip the sleeves up for now. It also comes in royal blue, but I prefer to buy things like blazers in a very neutral color to maximize usage. I also got the caramel and black Pippa stripe top. That runs on the smaller, very fitted side.

Baukjen ships from the UK, but there is a return address in the US. I’ve exchanged a few emails with customer service and I give them a thumbs up. I rarely embrace unknown, newer brands like this, especially since there were barely any reviews online, but the customer reviews helped me make my decision. More retailers should get on the review bandwagon.

I’m so glad DailyCandy ran their promotion for a while. Long enough for me to get the blazer and buy more credit. I doubt I’ll ever see anything as insane as 65% off credit again!

Keep track of promotions on their Facebook page. The blazer is currently 25% off, along with a bunch of other items in the Vogue Edit.

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